11 Morgue Workers Reveal The Delightfully Weird And Terrible Sh*t They’ve Seen On The Job

9. An old lady with massive breasts came in during my rotation once. Like, huge breasts. No matter how we laid her on the table, her breasts rolled back and covered her chin. I had to hold her breasts together while the other funeral worker there duct taped them together to keep them in place. She died in a hospital johnny without a bra so we had to improvise with the tape.


10. I had a great uncle who worked for the local morgue in a small county. My dad would help him out a bit for cash when he was a teenager. My dad said one time the uncle picked up a body and hoisted it over his shoulder to carry to the cart, keeping in mind this was the 50s and they probably don’t do it like this any more. Anyway, he flung it over his shoulder with the head side in his back and my dad was standing behind him when he did this. That movement compresses remaining air from the lungs and my dad said the dead body just let out a huge moan that scared the bejesus out of him. He thought maybe the guy wasn’t actually dead or was reanimating!


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