11 Morgue Workers Reveal The Delightfully Weird And Terrible Sh*t They’ve Seen On The Job

3. Nurse here…I’ve seen my share. People poop themselves when they die. Before we take bodies down to the morgue we always have to clean up the poop. Also bodies stay warm for a long time. That was really surprising the first time I did post-mortem care is that an hour later the body was still really warm. And the only place I’ve ever seen the lights flicker is just outside the morgue. They are fine almost all of the time but when we bring a body down the lights always flicker. Really creeps me out.


4. Grew up in a mortuary family. Parents own a funeral home (In which I work frequently doing whatever I can assist with). Dad also works for the county morgue. My answer is mostly based on the funeral portion. (The morgue comment above of “sometimes they aren’t dead” stands true).

You would be shocked to know the amount of people who will bury their loved one in underwear with holes, stained suits with cigarette burns, or give 0 fucks about what their loved one is buried in, but at the funeral show up draped in designer clothing and have nothing but sobs about their dead relative. I’ve witnessed siblings get into fist fights over jewelry before the casket was closed. So many people are fake.

My dad is a wonderful director. He is so caring, respectful, and such a perfectionist. I know the people are dead, but the way he even handles moving them is just amazing. Draping a flag over the body bag of deceased Vet as he removes them from their place of death, or even placing a single rose on the vault lid off to the side of the burial site before it’s closed. His artistic ability to sculpt half the face of a person who committed suicide, and how hard he is on himself if he can’t get it perfect. He’s provided 100% free services and donated caskets to families who couldn’t afford to bury their loved ones properly.

I’m rambling I know. But it just bothers me that my father, a complete stranger has so much respect for these deceased people and a lot of their family members just treat them as “cashing in their inheritance” while hiding behind crocodile tears. Sorry I got a little off topic. It’s something that has bothered me since I was a kid. This probably wasn’t the correct post for this, but it was therapeutic to write out. Thanks to anyone who read it through.


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