21 People Talk About The Time They Accidentally Text Messaged The Wrong Person


1. Nick, 20

I texted my mom when actually I meant to text Molly, my girlfriend. I sent her a picture of my dick. Yeah, she hasn’t forgotten about it. She thinks it’s a joke now, which I guess is good, but man, it’s embarrassing as hell.

2. Jamie, 23

This really hot guy gave me his number at a bar, but I think he put his number in wrong. I texted him, “Hey! It was really nice to meet you, hope to see you around!” And I got a message back asking who I was and what number slut I was because apparently, that guy was married and totally not Cris.

3. Kevin, 22

I apparently messaged a 70-year-old woman after I came home blackout drunk. I thought I grabbed a number of some chick, but she gave me a fake number.

4. Alex, 28

I took a photo of a dead mouse and wrote “food for the next week” and I sent it to my wife as a joke. Turns out I sent it to my boss. She called me and asked me if everything was okay on my end. Whoops.

5. Casey, 25

Well, this is really embarrassing… I sent a message about how I wanted to break up with my girlfriend to my best friend, but instead, I had sent it to my girlfriend, who is now my ex-girlfriend.

6. Trent, 23

My roommate was banging on the bathroom door while I was taking a shit — I kept yelling that I was in here. For some reason, I had the bright idea to text bomb him that I am taking a shit. So I sent him 20-30 messages of this: TAKING A SHIT. Well, I actually sent it to my lab partner, whose name is also Dean.

7. Kellie, 26

I messaged, “I love you so much, I can’t imagine life without you!” to my GP. It was intended for my fiancé. I never got a response from him (the GP).

8. Freddie, 26

This isn’t a text message, but it is a text-based message! So hear me out. I accidentally replied all to an email thread when I meant to email just one person about how stupid everyone was for caring so much about the VMAs. Got a lot of side eyes from the co-workers after that.

9. Janet, 30

My baby was crying, like nonstop, and I was overworked and lacked a lot of sleep. I messaged, “I want to fucking die right now,” to who I thought was my husband, but I accidentally sent it to my dad. At least they offered to take the baby off my hands for a couple of hours every week.

10. Quinn, 21

I messaged, “I want to fuck you like an animal,” to my boyfriend. When I checked my phone, I saw that my dad messaged me. He wrote back, “I want to feel you from the inside. Don’t text me that again, thanks.” I was so horrified. I could not look him in the eyes for a month.

11. Sean, 25

Well, I received a text that was meant for someone else. I was really into this guy, I made it a point to show him that I really liked him. I got a message from him one night and I thought, “This is it!” but actually, it was for someone else — he said that he thought I was creepy and was going to start avoiding me.

12. Rachel, 28

I messaged my nana what she thought about my dildo collection. Sorry nana.

13. Will, 26

A couple of Christmases ago, I was hanging out with my younger brother and his friends. We thought it would be funny to message random people on my younger brother’s phone. A friend of his held him down and another friend messaged: “I want to shove things up your butt.” When I asked who he sent it to, he said he sent it to our mom. We got a message back with a winking face. That ruined Christmas for us, but my mom got a kick out of it.

14. Ian, 23

My girlfriend sent an “I’m so horny, let me know when you’re done with work,” text to her ex-boyfriend on accident. I actually don’t know if it was an accident because we broke up a couple of days ago and I’m pretty sure she’s back with him now.

15. Niall, 24

I messaged some unsavory things to who I thought was my girlfriend, when in fact, I had been sending them to my sister, who was collecting the texts and was planning to embarrass me on Facebook. I managed to convince her to delete them.

16. Joe, 28

I emailed a video link of a girl getting pounded in the ass to my girlfriend, with the subject: URGENT: PROJECT MUST COMMENCE TONIGHT. Well, I sent it to my boss. Gmail had autofilled the recipient when I typed in my girlfriend’s name (they both have names that start with N). She didn’t appreciate it, but accepted my apology.

17. Tanya, 19

I messaged a boy that I liked if he wanted to go out with me that weekend. I waited, but I didn’t get a response from him. At dinnertime, my dad asked me where I wanted to go for the weekend because apparently I asked him to go out with me that weekend.

18. Nathan, 24

An accidental “I love you,” to my best friend, who thought it was hilarious, so he sent me a picture of two dogs fucking each other. Thanks man.

19. Vicki, 28

Oh god, this is really awkward. I messaged my boss about being too sick to come into work. Then I messaged him again while thinking I was messaging my friend that I had the whole day to fuck around on the beach. He wasn’t too happy about that. I had to go to work.

20. Davey, 27

Hahaha, this one is awesome. Okay, so I was jerking off one night and thought it would be fucking hot to send a picture of me jerking off to my girlfriend. I sent her a picture of my cum, too, you know, for closure. I got a message about an hour later from my very Catholic friend who is confused as to why I am sending her a picture of my dick and some phlegm.

21. Killian, 22

I sent out a mass text to my family and friends before winter vacation started: I am coming homosexual! I got a lot of phone calls that night. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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