You Are Enough Just The Way You Are

Here Is Your Reminder About The Importance Of Self-Love

I didn’t start to feel like I fully loved myself until this year.

It’s something that happened very gradually but I never even realized when it happened.

I just noticed ever so often how differently I operate in my life compared to how I did before.

I walk with more confidence, I compare myself to people in real life and on social media a lot less, or if I do, I snapback real quick, I spend a significant amount of quality time by myself in spite of the fact that I am in a relationship and I feel lighter and more optimistic about life.

Most importantly, this hasn’t been a momentary thing at all. It has been lasting, something that has gradually begun to become cemented into my DNA.

This is not due to the fact that it is fall and I am crazy about pumpkin spice and the weather. This is because I genuinely love who I am./i> 

I have mentioned before how many of us are quick to jump on the movement of committing more to ourselves, but when it comes to the importance of loving who you are, it is far from external or something to check off your to-do list.

Loving who you are will change your life in insurmountable ways and in more ways than one because having an inner love and acceptance for who you are means you see the world in a positive light.

This means you no longer hate on other pretty women but because you know you slay too, you lift them up in love.

This means that when a guy you are really into decides to be an asshole you won’t automatically assume it is because of your looks or lack of sex appeal, but you will determine that he is the one who missed out on a queen.

This means that when you start a new job and the workers there begin to gossip and try to intimidate you, you stand and shine in your light because you know you are more than qualified for that position.

This means that you go after your dreams with a boldness that not even a few failures can dismiss, because you know you are more than capable of achieving anything that you put your mind to.

Self-love is important because it will prepare you for all of the challenges, heartbreaks, rejection, failures, and chapters that will come your way and instead of breaking, you will rise because you know who YOU are.

It is not something that will happen overnight and it isn’t something that is forced either but I think it is something that can gradually happen to everyone if they are willing to change and accept the lessons and seasons that life has to offer.

A good percentage of self-love happens on its own because with time and maturity you grow to accept yourself, but you have to look at areas of your life that you know are holding you back and say damn it, I want to change. 

For me, I realized that comparing myself to people was literally killing me. Mix that habit with anxiety and depression and you just have one hot mess to deal with. I had to change it. So one day I said, you know what, I am going to work on being enough for me. 

I decided to slowly begin to do things that make me feel confident. I write more, dress how I want to, work towards my goals and do things that make me feel fulfilled.

And with this list of priorities, I really have no time to be looking behind my shoulder at what anyone else is doing.

I have many, many moments where I doubt myself significantly and again want to compare, but I look for a solution to try and fix it.  I try not to pack my bags and stay there.

It truly takes commitment on your part to at least put in the effort to be a version of yourself that you are proud of.

Because in a world of rejection, loving yourself is really the only thing that will get you through and you deserve to make it.

Whatever habits, steps or changes you need to make today to get one step closer to accepting yourself, whether it be looks wise, financial status, or your career, do it! Because I promise you your life with change for the better.

Just so you never forget it, here is your reminder on the importance of self-love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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