20 Signs You’re A Struggling Young “Professional” — Emphasis On Struggling

1. You don’t own a bed frame.

2. You desperately wish your liberal arts college taught you how to do your taxes instead of how to interpret every literary character as gay.

3. All of your “work-appropriate” clothes come from that one section of H&M.

4. You bought an unripe avocado because you thought the soft ones were gross… only to wait a whole week until it was ripe.

5. You can’t sit at a bar or restaurant alone.

6. You power through eating cheese despite your growing lactose intolerance.

7. You think ordering enough takeout to last a few days is the same as food shopping.

8. You bought new clothes to avoid doing laundry.

9. You have a piece of furniture you only use as a place to put dirty clothes.

10. You go to networking events for the free food.

11. You can’t afford a proper night out so you order one Long Island Iced Tea.

12. You have no idea what’s going on in any given office meeting.

13. Six times a week, you debate if you should just go to grad school.

14. Successful friends make you jealous and lazy friends piss you off.

15. You go from feeling extremely skilled to untalented once every business day.

16. You talk to your parents now more than you ever did when you lived at home.

17. You tried really hard to start a savings account — to absolutely no avail.

18. You Facebook-creep people from high school to feel better about your life.

19. You’ve had the philosophical debate on how many OkCupid dates you can go on for a free dinner before you’re a prostitute.

20. You almost started a Kickstarter campaign to repay your student loans. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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