10 Deep Thoughts That’ll Make Your Head Spin


1. There are tiny little creatures called bacteria crawling all over your skin. Right now. At this very moment. There are colonies of bacteria living all over your body.

2. We look at the Ancient Greeks and think their rationales are silly. (Like, did they really think some little girl got kidnapped and taken to the underworld and that’s why we have different seasons? It’s one of my favorite stories but also highly unlikely.) People also think it’s foolish that the Native Americans believed in spirits and let nature guide them through life. One day, in the far future, people are probably going to look at our society and say, “Wow. They believed in a book that was supposedly written thousands of years before they were born?!” When you think about it, no one’s beliefs sound any more ridiculous than anyone else’s.

3. We are made of stardust and tiny little atoms and molecules and one day all of that will disintegrate and become a part of the Earth.

4. “All we are is skin and bone, trained to get a long.” (Who knew Taylor Swift could be so philosophical?)

5. There is probably life on other planets, light years away. We would be naïve to think we are the only ones. So right there you can be blown away by a) the concept of a light year and b) other life forms

6. At any given second, billions of things are happening on Earth. A cloud is forming. An ant colony is carrying out their daily duties. A child is succumbing to hunger. A person is cheating on their spouse. An animal is dying at the hands (or jaws) of something higher up on the food chain. A fish is exploring the Titanic wreckage. A factory is packaging the Oreos you’re going to eat next week. Someone is crying. Someone is falling in love. Millions of people are sending and receiving text messages. All this and so much more is happening simultaneously, but we rarely think about it.

7. The number of people who have already lived and died, the number of people who are currently living, the number of people who will live and die in the future is absolutely unable to be comprehended.

8. What we would be like if we lived in a totally different kind of society. Our values, customs, and ways of life would certainly be different.

9. One day the Earth has to run out of room for landfills and cemeteries, right?
10. We will never know for sure why we’re here. TC Mark

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