30 People On Why They’re Still Single

Being single sucks — sometimes. I’m currently getting my single on and enjoying it a lot, but I’ve known loneliness plenty in life, and loneliness often leads to self-pity or bitterness. It’s suffocating and unproductive. Commenters on this Reddit thread explain the reasons why they’re still single, and the reasons range from sad to depressing to super depressing to self-affirming and not that sad at all.

1. Cotterbot

Haven’t found a girl who was as interested in me as I am in her.

2. Shane_the_P

I think it’s because I don’t pick up on signals and I am horrified of the consequences of being semi-publicly humiliated. It has happened before to me and I don’t think I have ever gotten over it. This makes me really shy and reserved. I also used to be very overweight but I no longer am and am in pretty good shape, but the mental aspect still affects me.

3. Gangringo

Because as a 30 year old college student living with his family I bring nothing to the table currently. After I graduate and find work I’ll try to build a social life up again.

4. Smultronstallet

I finally came out as a lesbian after dating men for a decade. I have no idea how to talk to a women, tell if another woman is gay, and I am extremely inexperienced sexually with women. At this point, I’m thinking I will be alone forever.

5. ThatDirtyMick

Because I’m still in love with my ex, and that makes me feel pathetic and angry, so then I drink to deal with the loneliness. But I have whiskey, so I have that going for me.

6. pollyanna_pussy

I’m playing the long game with one man. He doesn’t know it yet but I’m going to marry that sucker and do my best to make sure he lives the happy, fulfilling life he deserves.

7. GregFlik

The girl(s) I wanted to be with are Taken/Doesn’t Date/Not Near me/Lesbian/Hates Jews.

8. Joywalking

I’ve been married. I’ve realized that being single is not all that bad.

9. rinnip

I liken it to Groucho Marx’s observation that he “wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member.” The girls I like have better options, and the girls that like me, I won’t have.

10. Seacunt

I’m by nature a shut in. I like talking to girls about mostly anything, and am fine with that. But most women I just don’t like in terms of personality. I think i’m picky, but at the same time too anti social. Anti social as in just doesn’t go out to talk to people or do things with people unless it is through school, which is practically forced. I rather spend my time on the computer, but yet wish I had a girl I really liked.

11. daneesaur

Because I don’t want to make another person suffer from my crazy. It’s enough that I have to deal with it.

12. CRAG7

Got too many video games to play to be worried about girls. Just kidding, it’s because I don’t put myself out there ever…because of the video games.

13. mxm24

because im a 27 year old man child, and kind of okay with it.

14. PersianDiversion

because fat.

15. ohnowut

Because I feel like everyone is too good for me and I’m fat.


17. Tironeous


18. LSDean

Because nobody wants a divorced 30-something writer with PTSD and social anxiety who drinks too much, has little money, looks like Gollum, knows more about Estonia than baseball (in America this is the trend, at least), tends to rant about the merits of Agorism, despises the State, collects flags (kinda ironic, I know, but I have some impressive, authentic Cold War era Soviet Satellite States that make other Vexillologists hella jelly), demands the usage of Oxford commas, and who is terribly shy.

19. CoblerSteals

Because I’m afraid of commitment. When things start going well, I sabotage the relationship.

20. Hollowbody57

Severe crippling depression combined with my inability to afford anti-depressants, let alone buy someone dinner.

21. CheeseyFiora

Because I don’t know where to meet girls that share common interests. At least not girls my age…

22. JesusExists777

I’m bipolar/ I hear voices/ my personality changes daily. I’m also a lesbian extreme Christian.. I’m probably going to be alone my entire life.

23. throwaway00101010153

Herpes. I got it from my ex. It definitely makes dating hard, so I’m just gonna pass the time working on myself. Someone will come along eventually.

24. Texastani

Simple. I’m ugly, I’m loosing my hair, and the activities I’m interested in aren’t the same types of activities people in my community would likely participate in. I come from a culture where their is a tremendous amount of pressure for you to get married and to do so with someone who is part of the same culture as you. If you haven’t guessed it, I’m Indian/Pakistani descent and I hate myself for who I am.

25. KitsuneLeo

I have no social life, no money, no job, no car. I’m ugly, depressed, fat, and generally a downer to be around. I rarely ever leave my apartment because of these things, so I have no way to meet new people, which contributes to the snowballing pathetic-ness of the rest of it.

26. padrah

Because at my primary/old high school, the girls were complete bitches. I was one of those “nice guys”, and was always used like the tool I was back then. I might have lost weight and gained confidence since then, but I can’t really see women in a very positive light. It seems like they all want to tear me apart, and show how much of a pussy I actually am under the facade I put on. That is why I’m single. I need a hug.

27. JoeDurp

Because everyone that I try to date they cant seem to get past the fact that im a 4’1″ dwarf.

28. Metalfishead

I’ve come to realize that monogamy isn’t for me. I just meet girls on OKCupid who share my lack the desire for monogamy. Then we fuck.

29. 0lof

Because I am a strong black woman who don’t need no man.

30. ToGoFurther

Fell for a girl who’s now living across the country…not really sure where we’re both heading in life. But I know I would feel weird being with anyone else, not to mention I don’t really want to be. Don’t really know where we stand, I’d call it an unofficial emotional relationship if I had to call it anything. It kinda sucks with everything being so up in the air and uncertain. But hey I can’t complain too much, time will tell. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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