The 21 Dumbest Things People Have Done For Love

When You Love Someone, You Make It Through Your Ruts
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Many of us have done (at least in hindsight) questionable things for love. Whether it’s moving cross-country to be with them despite warning signs it’s a bad idea or accepting unfair treatment because he or she is “the one,” it’s common to be blinded by emotions (and by a desire for stability). I looked through r/askreddit to find the funniest and most depressing stories from people left looking silly when a relationship (or just a crush) went sour.

1. howimetyomama

Move across the country to attend one of the few colleges we both got in. Wasn’t a bad school, but certainly wasn’t my first choice.
Within a semester she had a threesome I wasn’t invited to. Whoops.

2. obliquecity

My boyfriend went to France for exchange for 6 months. I thought it would be great if I surprised him, so I spent $4000 on booking a fancy hotel room + flights during the fourth month of his trip. When I got there, he revealed he’d met another girl and had been sleeping with her for the past couple of months. I ended up $4000 poorer, broken hearted and alone… Ahh well at least Paris is beautiful

3. 2ndSkyy

When i was 11 i gave a girl i liked my holographic Charizard. She gave it to a boy she liked. I fucking snapped inside

4. scrotum_nachos

Took my own braces off with nail clippers.
I was head over heels in love with this chick, but found out through a friend she didn’t find me attractive. I’d had my braces on for four years and my teeth were perfectly straight, so I figured it was time.
She finally said yes to me asking her out two weeks later. Who’d have thought she’d turn out to be a shallow bitch and I’d end up the sucker? I was such a dumbshit in my teens that it’s mind-boggling.

5. MostlyBullshit

I failed a few tests on purpose to get some one-on-one tutoring with the professor I was infatuated with. She ended up sending her gay TA to tutor me instead, and he couldn’t have been more thrilled.
It really backfired, but I did get a nice neck massage out of the deal.

6. TheKidinGreen

Shaved my head. In high school, a girl I had a wicked crush on told me I’d look good with it shaved completely (it was already pretty short). Went home and shaved it to where I looked like mr. Clean, and went into school the next day and she didn’t even really notice. Kept it the rest of high school though, and had the nickname “gandhi.” Good times.

7. Captian_Cocksmith

Supported my do-noting [sic] girlfriend to the tune of around $15,000.
So much wasted time and money. Although some older men tell me I got off easy with no kids or a divorce.
Silver lining I suppose.

8. Skyliange

my Husband told me he lost his wedding ring, so I went out and spent all my savings to buy him a new one, and I engraved our kids names on the inside. It was his Birthday a few days after he lost it. so i wrapped it up and gave it to him as a present, he didn’t open it after reading his card he told me he didn’t love me anymore, and he wanted a divorce. I can’t return the ring because i engraved it.

9. killrickykill

…the all time dumbest thing I’ve ever done, was probably running away from home with a girl during my senior year of high school, neither of us having any money, she taking her car (in her parents name) eventually having her dad catch us months later by chance and him coming to the car door with a baseball bat to force me out, her not getting in trouble at all, me almost getting charged with kidnapping (we were the same age), and eventually spending 5 months in juvenile hall until I turned 18, missing my graduation (I still graduated), and further setting in motion a chain of events that would take my family from me, my friends, end me up in prison and pretty much destroy my future. I didn’t really straighten myself out until I was about 24ish.

10. TheHatchmaster

I married a lesbian and moved to Alabama (I’m a guy).

11. toosexyformy

Forgave and continued dating him after he ran me over with my own car…. on Christmas eve. I have better taste in men now.

12. slimydog

Moved in with an ex thinking she wanted to give a ‘real’ relationship a go. After signing the lease and decorating the place I was invisible. Then she started hooking up with other guys in the complex. Endured that agony for 4 months then lived in my car another 2 until I found a new place to live. Expensive. Stupid. Blindly optimistic. Yea, that sounds like me…..

13. hem14

shaved my legs in a carbou [sic] coffee bathroom during my lunch break

14. tmini_ringo

Took it up the butt.

15. alicebowie2

I stayed with my (now ex) bf for three+ years even tho he always failed at sex (i.e. we probably had sex 2 times in three years, no matter what I did, he couldn’t keep an erection for 2 minutes straight…). Worst thing about it is, because of that my self esteem is now crushed, I feel uncomfortable in my own body and I don’t think anyone will ever find me good enough to fuck me.

16. tothrowaway16

Accepted abuse as a way of life, as part of the relationship. But that’s not the dumbest thing… I’m still chasing that man and that relationship because I love him. :(

17. drew22087

Spent close to 7 grand paying off her medical, cell phone, apartment, dentist, car bills only for her to go back to her ex-husband 4 months later.

18. bopbot

Threw myself in front of a door to prevent him from walking out.
I still make cringeface when I think about it now. We’re good friends and, like, eight years older, but god.

19. MrDrcritical

Stalking. Although i did not realize what i was doing at that time

20. ne0667

got married

21. inccfo

Ran away to Paris to see a guy I met and kissed once on a beach the previous summer in the south of France. He told me there was no chance under the eiffel tower when I told him I wanted to kiss him. I was 16. We are still very good friends and he told me I was his soulmate. I’m still in love with him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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