My Boyfriend Checklist: 10 Things The Next Guy Has To Have

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I’ve been asked plenty of times by my girlfriends what I look for in my “dream man” but I never really had an answer due to my knowledge of failed expectations in my past. However thinking about it now, I realized that it’s still important to keep my standards as a respected woman. So here is my ‘boyfriend material’ list:

1. He has to be goofy.

I want a man to be goofy because I know that he will not be afraid to look silly in front of others. And it also goes to show how confident he carries himself.

2. He has to be musically talented and inclined.

Music is so important in my life, and I’d want the same for my dream man. To be able to sit down and talk about or listen to music together is just as important to me as listening to his dreams and ambitions in life. Or even to be able to connect with another through music, playing together and feeling the chemistry through music will bring us closer. And those moments that we play together would be just as intimate as exposing our deepest secrets late at night.

3. He has to dream.

A man that has a determination is attractive. If he knows what he wants to do or where he wants to be in life and is on the road there, I will be supportive and act as his number one fan through it all.

4. He has to be adventurous.

I have the personality to go to places whenever I please, but it’s finding that person who is just as insane as I am is just hard to find. He needs to be up for road trips to other cities so we can hike to different waterfalls together or lay on the beach after paddle boarding. He needs to understand my craving to go to certain places at the most random times.

5. He has to be active.

Although I’m not the most active girl, zumba and jogging on a daily basis, it is attractive if he stays active because being healthy is sexy. I want to be able to join a marathon with my bae.

6. He has to stand up for himself.

Being able to speak your mind is important. I am the type of person who is loud and says whatever I feel, and sometimes people don’t like that but I need someone to tell me I’m wrong from time to time and argue with me so that I can see the other side of the story. Occasionally arguing with your partner is healthy in a relationship.

7. He has to be a chef.

Now I’m no chef nor will I be but I’ve dated a guy who was a chef and it was the most amazing experience. My future beau doesn’t necessarily have to be in culinary school however, if you can make me a nice homemade ‘edible’ dinner then brownie points goes out to you.

8. He has to be as crazy in love with Harry Potter as I am.

I love Harry Potter and if he has watched and read the series then I will love him even more. By the way, are you a dementor? Cause you take my breath away!! (Lame pick-up line of the day)

9. Religion.

I do believe in a God, and I know that prayer is a powerful weapon and being able to pray together is just so beautiful that I would want that in my relationship. I know there are plenty of people with different religions, and I respect each and every one.

10. He has to love animals.

I am a dog lover. I have a pet dog and want more, possibly a German Sheppard or a chocolate Lab. And if he loves animals and is not afraid of them, that is always a bonus. They, whoever ‘they’ are, did say that you can always see how genuine a person is from the way they treat pets.

Now if any of these apply to you, feel free to leave me a message with a plane ticket to London, England so we can start on an adventure together because you are boyfriend material! Just joking!

Although I’m not rushing into a relationship, it’s still nice to have my expectations for when the time comes I can keep these points in mind. But for now, I’m going to enjoy focusing on myself and keep loving life! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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