9 Powerful Reminders To Read When You’re Doubting Yourself And Your Journey

I know how it feels — I’ve been there.

I’ve sat on the floor of my bedroom and wondered why I’m not where I want to be in life. I’ve cried on the floor of the shower because of doubt, thinking I’ll never actually be good at what I’m hoping to achieve. I’ve questioned my journey. I’ve questioned my purpose. I’ve wondered how I’ll ever make it, how I’ll ever be what I dream to be, how I’ll ever survive. I’ve been there. 

I know you have too.

You’re probably sitting there right now doubting the journey you’re on, wondering if it’s even the right one or whether the sacrifices you’re making in life to get where you want to be are worth it. There’s a reason you decided to read this. I hope you find it.

Here are nine powerful reminders to read when you’re doubting yourself And your journey.

1. On your hardest days, when you feel like you can’t continue, remember that you’ve already made it through 100% of your hard days and you’re likely to make it through this one too.

2. Sometimes we must hurt in order to grow or lose in order to gain. If you’re hurting today, chances are you’re growing. If you’ve lost something, chances are you’re about to gain something even better.

3. The truth is, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. You can’t really choose if the pain comes, but you can decide to sit and suffer once it does or challenge it head on and push through it. The choice is yours.

4. In order to truly move forward, you must make a firm decision to do so. It won’t always be black and white. It might not happen automatically. Sometimes you’ll have to stand up, dust off your shoulders, and say, “I don’t care how painful this is. I don’t care what it takes. I don’t care what I’ve lost or what I might lose. I am not going to let this take me down. I will move on. I will face another day. I WILL someday find freedom.”

5. Sometimes we are so focused on the transgressions of yesterday or the worries of tomorrow that we don’t stop to focus on the beauty that is today. If we are always looking ahead or looking back, we will never see what we have right beside us. It’s necessary to let yourself live just one day at a time – just today. Just right here, right now.

6. As cliché as it sounds, when you stop worrying about what you can’t control, you have time to change the things you can control, and that makes a world of a difference.

7. Stop worrying about failing or making mistakes. Start focusing on what it will feel like to know you could have tried and succeeded but didn’t.

8. If you never go after it, you’ll never have it. If you never climb back up the mountain, you’ll always be known for falling. If you never ask the questions, you’ll never have the answers. If you never ask permission, it’ll always be a no. If you never take a step, you’ll always be in the same spot.

9. We all have talent. What distinguishes the successful ones from the unsuccessful ones are those who are willing to take a risk. So step up, take a risk, and give it a shot. It’s worth it, I swear. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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