12 Men Share The One Thing Women Do That Annoys Them The Most

People are annoying. That’s the truth.

Men leave the toilet seat up, talk about football and shout at the TV. They don’t seem to understand our feelings and they refuse to watch yet another Gerard Butler film. Sometimes, there are things you simply have to accept about men, some things will never change. But on the other hand some of the things that annoy us and drive us crazy are actually a serious problem.

The thing is, what if it goes the other way round? Most of us refuse to admit we’re anything other than an angel, but I know from experience that women are just as annoying as men. So, I decided to ask my friends, their friends, and random strangers on the internet and Whisper to find out what really drives men crazy about us women.

1. Joe, Single.

“I dislike clinginess, their need to make me do their things yet not appreciate things that I like.”

Okay, I can give you this one. Being clingy would annoy me too, and I do hate these women who latch onto their men and can’t seem to do anything without them. It’s not just women, but I can understand how this could infuriate you, especially a man who is used to his own space. You should be interested when they try to include you in things that interest them, but if they’re not taking time for the things you like too, then you don’t have to.

2. Darrin, Single.

“I guess a lack of an open mind. Like with dates, sex, the future. They should be open to whatever life offers and not just the norm.”

To an extend I agree with you, some women are very much stuck on the normal meet, date, marry, have kids route of life and will go out of their way to get you involved in it. However, it’s a two way street so maybe you would have to be open minded and try to consider their way of thinking too, if you want them to try and see things your way! I don’t like it when a woman wants you to hurry up and do the things that are culturally expected, but that is just what some people want, and that’s something everyone will have to accept.

3. Dan, Single.

“I hate it when girls try to control me.”

Yes. I wholeheartedly agree with you on this. I’ve seen it for myself, and whilst this one is definitely not just a girl thing, far too many girls feel the need to have a say in what their significant other is doing. I mean, asking someone not to go hang out with their ex, is one thing. Taking their phone, canceling the plans secretly and then calling and texting them repeatedly until your man gives up and comes back, that’s crazy and nobody needs that!

4. Anon, In A Relationship

“I hate it when they compare you to other guys they’ve been with. Whenever you get into a fight they just say that well this ex boyfriend would do better, this ex boyfriend was bigger than you.”

That’s wrong, either way. I’ve known so many girls using this argument. Nobody should ever have to deal with the hurt and jealousy of being compared to exes, it is a horrible thing to do. Bad move, ladies.

5. Anon, In A Relationship.

“When I think they’re beautiful but all they do is talk about how fat they are, or how their hair won’t go right. You look fine so why are you complaining so much!”

I think we’re all guilty of doing this at least once. We’re too hard on ourselves and trust me, whenever we read a magazine or turn on the television, we just think ‘Oh, I wish I was that skinny and had perfect skin!’ – You will have to get used to this, although it’s a well known fact some girls just do it because they want someone to tell them they’re beautiful and fine the way they are

6. Ryan, Single.

“I hate it when girls badger you to answer questions, like about who you’ve been with, or if you think someone is hot and then get mad at you when you finally answer!!”

Yeah, that’s crazy. If they don’t want to know, they shouldn’t ask. I get that a lot of women are insecure, but it’s ridiculous to get angry at someone after you’ve forced them into telling you something. I’m with you on this one.

7. Jason, In a relationship.

“I can’t stand it when girls take ages to go out, and then leave powder and foundation everywhere. Also when she sits and makes me watch girly films and starts crying at them!”

Okay, I get annoyed when people take too long to get ready. I like being on time and can’t stand it when people are late. But, If the woman you’re involved with likes to look good, and she knows what she likes to do, you’re really going to have to accept that one! The mess of make-up is understandable, especially if it’s all over your own bathroom! I’ll give you that, us girls have far too much make up and we do leave it everywhere. Sorry about that. I suppose if you don’t like the films, that’s not fun. But for some crazy reason, us girls love a good cry, so get used to it! As long as she’s willing to sit and watch football or something, you should try and sit through a chick flick for her.

8. Rhys, Single.

“When girls post all these revealing photos for everyone to see”
This annoys me too. Especially when these women then don’t seem to understand the many sexual comments that follow. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s horrible that it happens, but we know if we start putting half naked photographs on the internet, someone is going to take that the wrong way and get a little inappropriate. It’s common sense. I’m all up for ‘If you’ve got it flaunt it’ and I’m personally very proud of my body, but I’m not going throw it into everyones’ faces. Especially if you’re dating someone, I don’t imagine it’s nice having everyone else staring at their body when it should just be you.

9. Ricky, In a relationship.

“How long they take to get ready, they tell you they’ll be there but they’re an hour late! Why? What were you doing? Just be on time, please!”
I’m seeing a theme starting here. I’m sorry, boys, I really am. But I don’t think this is ever going to be stopped.

10. Anon, Engaged.

“I have mutual friends who happen to be my exes. She gets really moody and gives me the silent treatment whenever I hang out with them”
This isn’t something exclusive to women, but in this instance it’s justified. If your current partner finds it uncomfortable that you’re still in touch with your ex lovers, I’d usually stay away from me. If my boyfriend didn’t like me seeing my exes, I wouldn’t. If it’s just someone you had one date with, or someone you dated for a month in school, I can understand – that’s nothing. But if this is someone you’ve slept with, or you’ve had a serious relationship, that jealousy is beyond warranted. I think you’ll have to just accept we’re territorial creatures, and this will happen more often than not.

11. Harry, Single.

“I hate it when they’re constantly texting me when I’m at work or trying to sleep. I can’t stand it when they expect me to drop everything just for them and then pay for every little thing”

Being constantly in touch is a lot of work and frustrating. I’ve been so many girls that will want to be in constant touch, and will throw the biggest hissy fit if you don’t text back in seconds flat. This would annoy me to no end, if you’re at work, you’re busy, you can’t talk. It’s not the end of the world. I also don’t think you need to drop everything for them. You should schedule some time for them, rather than just waiting till you’ve got some free time, but in no way are you at their beck and call just because they’re a girl. That’s wrong. Your last point I agree with – I hate it and when I see so many girls do this it drives me crazy. I would happily pay for my boyfriend and my male friends, it doesn’t bother me. If these women want to be treated as equal, it means they pay too. That doesn’t mean you can’t pay if you enjoy treating someone, I know I love taking my boyfriend out. But, just because someone is a girl doesn’t mean they can’t pay – that’s a great point!

12. Ben, Married.

“When they take so long to get ready. Even if you’re going to the cinema. Where it’s dark. And nobody can see you!”

I’m sorry guys.

Whilst there are some things that men will just have to accept about us, they’ve brought out some very valid points. All in all, they’re not that different from us, really. Are they? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Even a semi-professional writer sucks at writing bios, sorry.

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