30 Qualities Of Highly Dateable Men

New Girl
New Girl

1.He knows how to spell. Or at least puts forth the effort. 

2. He doesn’t text or message using “u” instead of “you,” “2” instead of “to,” etc. Take the time to type the damn word out or I won’t take the time to decipher and respond. 

3.He knows when to kiss on the lips versus when to kiss on the forehead. Yes, there is a difference. 

4. He smells good, but not girly, over-the-top good – just deodorant/light cologne good. 

5. He knows the difference between you’re and your, then and than, effect and affect, and so on. It’s not all that tough.

6. He possesses a love of literature and knowledge. There is nothing more attractive than a guy who knows his way around a book. 

7. He is genuinely good with children, in that sort of Call-me-crazy-but-I-am-now-imagining-you-with-our-kids kind of way.

8. He loves his parents and siblings. If he can’t love and respect them, why would he love and respect you any better?

9. He doesn’t try to cuddle all night long. Because body heat. And sweat. 

10. He prefers doing something adventurous, spontaneous, and outdoorsy versus another night in, on the couch, watching sports. 

11. He can pull off wearing glasses. Because there is nothing more adorable. 

12. He knows when to leave me alone, because even though I am social, I am more of an introvert than you would think. 

13. He can cook. This isn’t always the woman’s job, and trust me, you don’t want it to be in this case. 

14. He possesses the ability to be romantic and let you know you are loved, but not overly so. Clingy is not attractive. 

15. He is comfortable in silence. Not every moment needs to be filled. 

16. He can call me out when necessary. I’m not perfect, and I need to be reminded of that every once in awhile. 

17. He can love and tolerate my family like their own. Because someday they could be. 

18. He isn’t afraid of tears – mine or their own. 

19. He writes handwritten letters once in a while. 

20. He realizes that even with modern-day technology, constant communication can still be detrimental to a relationship. 

21. He doesn’t always get sloppy drunk. 

22. He lets you spend time with your girls, while he spends time with his guys. 

23. He knows when to stop talking. 

24. He can read that ever-so-subtle tilt of your head, raise of your eyebrow, bite of your lip. 

25. He realizes that while it is not necessary, a good, old-fashioned phone call can be pretty great. 

26.He is an avid country music lover. No explanation needed. 

27. He understands that above all else in the morning, comes coffee. 

28. He lets you eat breakfast for dinner – a couple times per week. 

29. He doesn’t mind stopping the car every hour for a bathroom break. 

30. And finally, he realizes you might just love your dog more than you love him – just go with it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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