10 Uncomfortable Stages You Go Through When You Move To A New City Alone


1. You feel excited. The excitement starts pulsing through your body as you drive into the new city and pass the welcome sign. You get so overwhelmed with emotion of what your new life can become and all the new experiences you’re going to be surrounded by.

2. You feel anxious. You get nervous because it’s becoming real. This moment you’ve waited for is finally happening and it’s right in front of you and that’s starting to terrify you.

3. You feel relieved. You feel confident with your decision and you think everything will work out for the best.

4. You start to feel overwhelmed. Trying to get everything together and in order is exhausting and stressful. You just can’t wait to be settled down a little bit and have things come together.

5. You start to feel things come together. You start to learn a little bit about your neighborhood and how to get around without completely relying on your maps to get you there.

6. You start to feel alone. You realize you finally have a minute to breathe but that moment is starting to set in with just how alone you are now. You don’t have any friends in your new city and that’s super hard to deal with, especially knowing that all your old friends are together. So you call them and your mom, a lot.

7. You start to really miss home. You start to check in on what your friends and family are doing all the time. You watch all of their stories because it makes you feel a little better about being by yourself.

8. You start to question everything. You start to wonder if you made the right decision, you start to wonder if you rushed into things or if you should have left in the first place. You start to get overwhelmed with emotions again because you don’t know what is a logical thought and what isn’t. You just want this place to feel like home and it hasn’t reached that point yet.

9. You start to look for meet ups and ways to get involved in your new city. You start going out with people and discovering places of your own to hang out at. You realize the only way to make friends is to get out there. You start to discover that you’re not the only one who just moved to the area with no friends. You start to get involved in different things and it starts to feel a little more like home.

10. You start to feel like maybe you did make the right decision. You start to become happy, even if you are still spending majority of your time alone. You are excited about all the potential and the opportunity, again. You are excited about what’s to come and what you will learn. You start to feel like this is going to be your new home and it doesn’t scare you as much anymore because you think you’ll be happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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