Stop Using Other People Because You’re Selfish

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Honestly, when did the world become so selfish? It seems like as a human race we’ve completely forgotten that other people have feelings. We are so wrapped up and concerned with ourselves that we literally don’t give a fuck if someone else is hurting because of our words or actions.

People comment hateful, crude things on strangers social media accounts, we flip off the person driving next to us because they were going too slow for our liking, we freak out on the waitress because we asked for water and she forgot it. We’re fucking horrible. We’ve all done something that we aren’t necessarily proud of because we kind of all suck somehow.

We completely forget that the people on the other end of our bitchy attitudes are other humans. Other humans with feelings, emotions, families and struggles. Most of our behavior is created out of emotions and selfishness, and it’s kind of getting old.

People start ‘talking’ to someone new because they’re lonely or because they don’t like sleeping alone. They go into the ‘relationships’ with no intentions of sticking around, they’re just talking to that person until it stops being easy, convenient and fun. Or they stick around until someone better comes around. They never stop for a second and think, “you know what, maybe I shouldn’t talk to this person because I’m temporarily lonely and I’ll only end up hurting them because I still love my ex.” No one thinks like that.

People are only concerned with themselves. It’s always ‘poor me’ or ‘I got fucked over’ but what did you do to benefit the relationship? What did you do that drove them away?

And maybe you didn’t do anything wrong, maybe you really did get fucked over but that isn’t how it plays out in most relationships these days. Most of the time it’s people dragging each other down and doing little things to set each other off. It’s not having the other person’s best intentions at heart and instead putting your own first.

People have become so prided on the “I don’t give a fuck attitude” that it’s harder to know who is actually genuine these days, which is sad, honestly.

What it really boils down to in my mind is selfishness.

People are so selfish these days. We brag about the shit we have, we brag about our accomplishments, we want pats on the back and validation from people we don’t even give a fuck about. We post photos that make us look like we’re living awesome lives, we take and take and take and we give as little as possible. We use people that we think can help get us ahead. We become self-obsessed monsters and we don’t care who we hurt in the way as long as we’re satisfied.

We use people and we don’t care if they’re hurting or feeling broken as long as we can get what we need from them. We might fake it but at the core, most of us don’t care. Instead, we’re just concerned with ourselves and what we can get out of the situation.

No one cares about the damage they’re doing to the people around them.

It’s time to stop being so selfish. It’s time to take a step back and realize the effects your words and actions have on other people. It’s time own up to your mistakes and shitty behaviors.

Don’t string people along with no intentions of being there for them when they need you. Don’t dig your claws into someone then push them when they’re down. Don’t weasel your way into someone’s live when you can tell their vulnerable just to get some information. Just don’t be a shitty person.

Being a good person realistically shouldn’t be as hard as it is but somehow we’ve complicated the basis of human nature by becoming self-absorbed assholes.

It’s time to stop using other people because you’re selfish. Seriously. Think of someone else before yourself next time and how your actions could affect them. Hate to break it to you but you’re not the only one with feelings, emotions or needs – you’re not the only one who matters. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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