Stop Settling For Bad Love Because You’re Scared Of Being Alone

Sophia Sinclair

Being alone isn’t a curse, it isn’t a bad thing and it definitely doesn’t make you a failure but for some reason that’s how most people view being single. Part of me wants to blame it on all the people who continuously ask us single people, “so, have you found someone yet?” or “when are you going to get a boyfriend?”

Sometimes I just want to smack those people because they always ask with a condescending tone in their voice because I’m single but being single is a choice, honestly.

If you wanted to be in a relationship you could be! But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be in a relationship with a great person, or that they’d treat you well, or that they’d satisfy you the way you desire and that’s where settling comes in.

You settle for shitty love because you’re scared to be alone.

You know the guy you used to date? Or almost dated? Or just liked a LOT? And now you think to yourself, what the FUCK was I thinking with that loser? You don’t want that to be your life. So stop settling for losers. You don’t deserve a loser you deserve someone who is just as awesome as you are.

Last week a friend of mine said she didn’t even like the guy she was hanging out with but she was still with him because she didn’t like sleeping alone… like what? It makes me want to scream.

Being alone isn’t a bad thing and it never will be. Take this time you have by yourself and make the most of it – don’t cry over having no one to share it with.

Spend your single years making the best life for yourself as possible. Kick ass in your career, pick up hobbies or side hustles, do whatever you want to do and enjoy it! You will only ever be this young and single once so why not make the most of it then when you find someone you want to settle down with you’ll be confident with yourself and where you’re at so you won’t be settling.

Love is one thing you should never settle in. You shouldn’t date someone just because you don’t like being alone. You shouldn’t date someone because you think they can fix your insecurities. You shouldn’t date someone because you’re worried you’re getting older and you’ll ‘die alone.’

Be single! Spend time alone, get to know yourself, become confident in your own skin, take care of yourself for once and kick ass in your own life. You don’t need anyone by your side in order to live an awesome life.

There is no time for shitty love in this life, at least not anymore. You’ve done shitty, you’ve experienced being treated less than you deserve and you’ve been screwed over in the past. No more.

It’s time to start loving yourself the way you love everyone else because you deserve your love, too.

Stop settling for shitty love and be alone, I promise it’s not as scary as you think. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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