He May Have Moved On, But You Will Too

Jacob Morrison

You’re hurting right now and that’s fine. It’s normal to feel broken when you find out he’s moved on – it’s human. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling upset, don’t think you have to be strong all the time and certainly don’t think it makes you weak for feeling because it takes true strength to show vulnerability.

This part is hard – realizing he’s moving on without you. It’s hard to picture someone with him that isn’t you, it’s hard to know he’s sleeping next to someone else and laughing with her. It’s hard to realize he’s doing the things he used to do with you with someone new.

It doesn’t feel fair because it’s not.

You can scream, and cry, and break things, you can say whatever you need to and tell everyone how ugly she is. You can do what you have to do to help you move on, but it’s important to remember you will move on.

It might not feel like it right now. It might feel like your heart will never be okay again, it might feel like your walls have been beat down with a sledgehammer and your soul has been crushed, but sweet girl, you will be okay again.

That is the most important thing to remember – you will be okay again, without him.

You will be able to laugh without him, you will be able to love someone who is not him, you will be able to move on with your life. Part of you might always think back to him, part of you might always remember the good times you shared before things got all messy and complicated. But the other part of you, the majority of you, will get to a point where you wouldn’t go back even if you could.

You will see all the faults your relationship had that you overlooked at the time. You will see just how bad things were because you were blinded by love. You will see how unhealthy things between you became. You will see that losing him was never really a loss after all. You will see just how far you’ve gone without him by your side because that boy was toxic. He was draining and he was no good for you.

But right now you probably can’t see that and that’s okay because you’re still healing. Take the time you need to heal your wounded heart and take care of yourself.

Your worth goes so much further beyond having someone to call your own. You were whole before and you will be whole again because you don’t need someone to complete you, and you never have.

You might feel like he betrayed you, like he’s doing this to hurt you, that she’s only a rebound because there’s no way he could be over you this quickly, and you might be right. He might be using her to numb his pain and distract him from losing you but either way, you need to take care of yourself. The most important thing right now is you.

Take care of yourself, love yourself, heal on your own terms and whatever you do, don’t jump back into another toxic relationship because it will only do more damage than good.

He might have moved on but you will too.

You will heal and you will be okay without him. TC mark

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