You Intoxicate Me

You Intoxicate Me

I hate being sober
because it’s reality
and reality bores me.

I wait for the high to wear off
so I can light up again,
so I can escape from the life I live.

I wait for the buzz to wear thin
so I can crack open another bottle,
and drown my sorrows away again.

But with you,
it’s different.
With you I don’t need anything
to intoxicate me,
I can handle the soberness
because you are enough.

You intoxicate me by being you.
When you’re around
the world isn’t so boring,
and the world isn’t so dark,
when you’re around
the world feels like I’ve finally found home.
You feel like home.

You don’t make me want to run
or scream.
You don’t make me want to cry
or leave.
You make me feel like I’m happy
where I am.

It’s like you’re my own personal form
of intoxication.
You’re the perfect high
and the best buzz.
You’re the bottle that never runs out
and the blunt that never stops burning.

You intoxicate me
like no substance has done
before. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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