She’s Going To Leave You Because She’s Better Than You

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She might stick around for now but one day she’s going to leave you because she discovered her worth and she discovered how insignificant you really are to her life.

She’s going to realize just how much you were holding her back, she’s going to realize how shitty you treated her and she’s going to realize just how little value you added to her life. She’s going to realize just how much better she is than you, and without.

You can’t keep a woman like her caged up forever and one day she’s going to have enough and break free. 

You think that just because she’s here now means you can treat her however you want because she’s “yours” but it doesn’t work that way. She might let you walk all over her because she’s busy trying to keep you happy, she might not stand up for herself the way she should and you may think you can continue just taking from her without ever giving, but one day she’s going to realize just how much better she is than you and she’s going to leave. And she’s never going to look back.

She’s going to see that you never had her best intentions at heart because you only cared about yours. She’s going to see you never wanted her to discover how much she’s capable of because you knew that would change her world, you knew that she would outgrow you. You made her believe this is as good as it gets. You made her believe this life she’s living right now is all she’s capable of.

You tried to make her feel little so she’d never get the courage to walk away from your pathetic life.

She’s going to realize that the way you “love” her isn’t real love. Love isn’t degrading, controlling, possessive, restrictive and suffocating. You are all of those things because you know you don’t deserve someone like her. You think that as long as you make her feel like she’d be nothing without you and make her feel like she needs you to get by that she’ll stay.

But one day the games and manipulation will get old. One day she will start to see what everyone else sees in you and she will muster up the courage  and strength to leave you behind without a second thought.

She has a soul that burns with passion and you keep a bucket of water by your side at all times to put it out. She has a heart of gold but you constantly remind her you hate things that shine. She has so much potential inside of her but you spend so much time convincing her she’s not good enough to accomplish her dreams.

You’re the worst thing that ever happened to her and I can’t wait until the day she decides to walk away for good.

You don’t deserve someone like her – you don’t deserve someone who can light up the room as soon as she walks in. You don’t deserve someone who has a pure heart and good intentions because you never treated her like those qualities mattered. You always made her feel worthless, you made her feel like she wasn’t good enough, you made her feel like she needed to shrink to please you. You made her feel like your world would keep turning just fine without you so she’d try even harder to get your attention.

One day she’s finally going to see for herself just how shitty you really are. She’s finally going to see what everyone has been telling her all this time about you and she’s going to leave you, and she won’t come back.

She will see past all the bullshit and she will realize she deserves someone who cares about her, who cherishes her, who encourages her, who loves her for her and actually treats her like she deserves.

She’s going to realize you never deserved her in the first place and she’s going to realize how much better she is than you, and she won’t ever look back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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