22 Things I Learned In 22 Years



A little part of you will always care or think about the first person you loved because you lost a lot of yourself to them. It’s okay. It’s also important to note that you will romanticize them making you remember it better than it actually was.


Don’t drunk text. You will hate yourself in the morning. I repeat, you will hate yourself in the morning.


You have to learn when to let go of people. Even when it sucks and you don’t want to – you have to. You lose a lot of people you never thought you would in your 20s but I guess that’s part of growing up.


Eat right and exercise most of the time, but indulge some of the time. Unfortunately, your metabolism only gets worse so take care of yourself.


People don’t give a shit about what you’re doing because they’re more concerned with what you’re thinking about what they’re doing when you don’t really care. It’s confusing honestly but stop worrying about looking good for other people and start doing what feels good for you instead.


You have to ask for what you want or else you’ll never get it. People aren’t mind readers and no one is going to give you anything unless you make it known that’s what you want.


Watching your parents get older is one of the hardest things and it won’t get easier. Love them for all they’ve done/do for you and treat them as much as you can.


Don’t have sex without a condom. I don’t know why I ever let someone put their dick near me without a condom, let alone in me, but like c’mon not cool. Wrap it up fellas because BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.


Save your money honey!!! Honestly, you never know what’s going to happen and monthly bills are not cheap. Set a limit for every paycheck to save and if you can’t hit that goal every paycheck then save what you can.


Get a side gig while you’re still young and not overwhelmed with babies and family things. But make sure it’s fun and you like it (and definitely save all that money).


Comparing yourself to other’s isn’t always a bad thing. You will be jealous of other people, sure. But sometimes comparing yourself can be helpful. It can show you endless possibilities that people in life are accomplishing and motivate you to do better. Compare yourself to other’s to get better, not to tear them down or yourself, and make a goal to have other people be jealous of you.


You shouldn’t feel the need to explain your situation and decisions to others. If you don’t want to do something, don’t. If you want to do something, do it. It’s that simple you shouldn’t have to justify your choices to anyone unless you want.


Never stay in a relationship where you don’t feel completely comfortable because it will not get better. It will only get worse. Don’t let the person you date control you, tell you what you’re ‘allowed’ to do or manipulate you. They will not change!!! Leave.


Don’t forget to forgive yourself, too.


It’s never too late to change your path or your life. It all starts with the decision to actually make some moves in a positive direction.


You are not defined by your past, your decisions or your actions. Sometimes things happen or we make a mistake but that should never define who you are.


Just because it works for you doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. Every single person is different on this earth and sometimes we get so wrapped up in what works for us that we forget that it won’t work for everyone.


You can’t hate yourself into someone you love and the faster your realize that the more you can work on loving yourself regardless.


Don’t allow yourself to ever get too comfortable because when you’re comfortable there is no more room for growth.


You can give and give and give pieces of yourself to someone and be the best person possible to them and they still won’t want you but it’s okay. You can be the juiciest peach in the world and someone will still hate peaches. Hold your head high and move on to better things.


Getting fucked up is only fun until it actually starts having negative affects on you and your life. At that moment it’s time to stop and reevaluate what you want out of life and change your habits.


Growing up is part of life and it’s exactly what you make it. You can’t stay 18 forever and sooner or later you have to realize it’s time to stop hanging on to the past and move on with your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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