15 Women Explain The One Little Thing That Immediately Attracts Them To A Man


1. “If he has a deep voice I’m automatically more interested in talking to him.” – Leslie, 25

2. “I’m going to be that girl and say if he’s playing with a dog it makes him automatically more attractive. A good dog dad is usually a good guy in general.” – Carley, 28

3. “If he uses a weird pick up line or says something interesting to start the conversation it makes me attracted to him, or at least gets my attention, because I’m a sucker for men who can make me laugh.” – Brooke, 31

4. “A guy with confidence is super attractive. But as soon as it crosses the line to cocky I’m out. It’s a fine line but a confident man is sexy, a cocky man is arrogant.” – Kylie, 23

5. “I love geeky, intellectual men. There is something about how much knowledge they have that makes me want to sit down and pick at their brain.” – Caitlin, 26

6. “A man with a beard.” – Becca, 23

7. “This might be weird, but guys with dirty hands. It shows that they are good with their hands and able to fix things. I want a man who can fix things, not a man who has to hire another man to fix things.” – Sara, 28

8. “Someone who can hold a conversation!!! I didn’t know that talking to someone was so difficult but if another guy comes up to me who can’t hold a conversation I’m going to scream.” –Rachel, 25

9. “If he is overweight but he can hold a conversation and is kind to me I’m way more interested in him than a pretty boy who only cares about himself and looking good. He can fuck off as I walk my way past him with a guy who actually deserves my time because I’m done with those kind of men.” – Kara, 24

10. “A guy who can take care of himself is so much more attractive than someone who is a slob and basically needs a mother, not a girlfriend. I don’t care what his appearance is I’m trying to date you, not clean up after you.” – Alex, 29

11. “If he has goals and life plan I’m way more interested in him.” – Lacy, 23

12. “A guy with good manners is so much more attractive. How he treats the waitress or the bartender says A LOT about who he is as a person so if he is kind then I’m more likely to sleep with him.” – Olivia, 27

13. “I like a man who I can tell is comfortable with himself. He isn’t fumbling around, looking at the ground or doing anything weird. It’s attractive to see someone who is confident with themselves and they don’t need your reassurance to feel better (at least not right away).” – Brenda, 22

14. “A guy with a man bun is what I’m after. He can have whatever hair cut I don’t discriminate, but a man bun? Excuse me while my ovaries explode.” – Tara, 25

15. “I think a guy with a positive attitude who is a genuinely happy guy is attractive. I know things aren’t always great and I wouldn’t want him to be overly happy, but someone who sees the best in life and is always down for adventures is someone I am attracted to.” – Danielle, 28 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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