Here Is Your Reminder — You Are Way Too Good For Him

I’m Priscilla

Girl, do you see yourself?

Do you see how strong you are, how tough, how courageous and independent you are? Do you realize how much you’re capable of, how brilliant and hardworking you are? Don’t you see that you are so much better than this guy who doesn’t even have the balls to value you, let alone love you the way you deserve?

You are incredible, so damn incredible, and this guy – the one you keep giving your heart to – he doesn’t appreciate it. He doesn’t appreciate you and he never will.

You’re strong and he made you forget your strength. You’re independent and he convinced you that you’d be lost without him. You’re so smart and he made you feel stupid by constantly manipulating you.

You are way too good for him and he knows it, but he tricked you into believing that you’d be nothing without him and that you need him – he made you forget how to live on your own.

You don’t need someone who doesn’t value you. You don’t need someone who doesn’t treat you well. You don’t need someone who hurts you and makes you feel pathetic. You don’t need someone who constantly manipulates you, but I understand it’s hard to just walk away. It can take months or even years to muster up the strength and courage to leave, but I believe in you. Because this isn’t worth it and deep down you know it, and you know you’re not happy.

The truth is that there are men out there who will give you the good times without the bad. There are men who will treat you with the love you deserve and who will do it without ever manipulating you. There are men out there who will love you for you without trying to change you who you are.

Love should make you want to be a better person, it should enhance you, it should make you want to be the best version of yourself. But love wasn’t making you feel that way with him because it wasn’t real love.

Love with him is like walking on broken glass. You always try to do everything he says, you always try to hold yourself to these unbelievably high standards to please him and he’s never satisfied, and you’re always the one ending up hurt. It’s not because you’re not good enough, it’s because he wants to manipulate you into believing you aren’t good enough because that’s the kind of guy he is. He doesn’t want you to realize that you’ll be fine without him, that you’ll probably be even better without him. 

You are way too good for him, you are better than he ever deserved, you are stronger and more capable than he’s making you think you are. You just needed a little reminder, you just needed to hear it and it’s important you start believing it.

Because you are too good for him and you deserve better.

Love doesn’t hurt you, it doesn’t restrict you, it doesn’t control you, it doesn’t drain you or harm you. That isn’t love. None of that is love.

You are way too good for him and everyone around you knows it, even him. In case you needed a reminder you’ll be so much better without him, sweet girl. Moving on will be tough but it will be the best thing you ever do for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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