To All The Women Who Have Been Mistreated, But Not Defeated

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You didn’t deserve the bullshit he put you through. You didn’t deserve the mistreatment and the heartbreak he put you through time and time again. You didn’t deserve the abuse and the degrading comments. You didn’t deserve any of his shit because he never deserved you.

But you fell for him and you can’t change that. You fell for him and you might not ever understand why, but he had something about him that drew you in. Whether it was a never-ending chase or the need of his approval or the bad boy vibes. It was something and it won your heart and he treated it poorly and took advantage of it.

The truth is, he hates who he is. He is insecure and has some underlying issues he doesn’t know how to deal with or face so he takes them out on you. He blames you for his problems instead of himself because he is a coward. Everything he takes out on you is everything he hates about himself. It’s the only outlet he has.

You did nothing wrong. You did nothing wrong. You did nothing wrong.

He wanted you to be scared to move on without him, he wanted to be able to have control over you because he doesn’t have control over his own life. He wanted you to give all you have to him so he can just keep taking from you.

You are the best thing that ever happened to him and he knows that, but he treated you so horribly because he wanted you to be scared to leave.

He knew you deserved better but he didn’t want you to think that, so he manipulated you and hurt you to make you feel like you didn’t deserve anything.

But you pushed through, you found strength and you moved on. You left him and I couldn’t be more proud. You stopped the cycle, you stopped going back to him and you stopped allowing yourself to be treated this way. You should be so proud of yourself.

You stopped focusing on the good and stopped being convinced you couldn’t live without him. You started focusing on the bad instead. It’s so hard to forget the good times because that’s what you actively want to remember, you want to remember why you have a reason to stay. But instead you focused on the bad times like you should, you focused on all the reasons he gives you to leave and that list far outweighs the good times.

You realized there are guys out there who will give you the good times without the bad.

There are guys who will truly love you without ever degrading you and putting a finger on you because that isn’t love.

Love doesn’t take advantage of you, love doesn’t hurt you, love doesn’t abuse you.

You finally realized that. You finally realized he wouldn’t stop. You finally started seeing through his lies. You realized the more you let someone call you horrible names the more you start to believe them and you knew you had to stop it.

You put an end to his mistreating, you found your strength and you left. The damage he did is not okay, but you survived. You got out. You did not let him defeat you and that takes so much courage and strength.

Don’t question if you are good enough or not because you are. Don’t question if you are worthy of true love or not because you are. Don’t question if you are strong or not because you are. You are so much more than anything that ‘man’ made you think you are.

Never think you aren’t good enough to find someone else who will treat better and respect you more than this piece of shit because you will.

You did not let him defeat you and that is the most important thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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