50 One-Sentence Pieces Of Advice To Help Guide You Through Life


1. Worrying will never fix anything.

2. Your job doesn’t define you and it never will.

3. Travel as much as you can because life isn’t meant to be lived in one spot.

4. Always rescue your pet.

5. Things aren’t valuable and the more you have the more tied down you become.

6. Stop comparing yourself to others and start focusing on being better than where you’re at right now.

7. There is always room for improvement.

8. A good sense of humor will get you a long way.

9. Don’t forget you have to take care of yourself before you can properly take care of others.

10. Always lend a hand when you can, kindness will get you a long way.

11. Read as many books as you can they’ll take you places you could never imagine.

12. Work to live but never live to work, you’ll miss out on too much.

13. It’s never a bad time to call someone to tell them you love them.

14. Learn one new thing every day.

15. Experiences will always be more valuable than items.

16. Wake up every morning with a positive attitude or thought, it will make your life more enjoyable.

17. Value yourself because if you don’t then no one else will either.

18. Life shouldn’t be filled with stress and anger, it’s meant to be enjoyed so do the things that put a smile on your face.

19. A healthy balance is so important and it’s important to find what works best for you.

20. You need to learn how to love yourself and forgive yourself because you’re the only one who will always be there for you.

21. Hating people is a complete waste of time and fuels a lot of negative energy you don’t need.

22. Life isn’t fair but you have to accept that and do the best you can regardless.

23. No one judges you worse than you judge yourself.

24. Comparing yourself to others is toxic, everyone on this earth is built differently and is faced with different struggles.

25. Never stay with someone who doesn’t respect or value you because you deserve more.

26. You can feel sorry for yourself your whole life if you want but everyone else stopped feeling sorry for you a day after ‘it’ happened.

27. If your significant other, or anyone for that matter, puts a hand on you – leave, it won’t be the only time, even if they say it will.

28. Every day is a new opportunity to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

29. You will never get something unless you ask for it.

30. If you can’t help others at least don’t hurt them.

31. Keep the curiosity alive in you.

32. Don’t put your friends and family on the back burner once you get a relationships because if it ends you’ll have no one.

33. You don’t need a specific reason to celebrate, you’re alive and that should be enough.

34. If you are sad go outside, leaving your bed will make you feel better.

35. Crying can be good for you; it’s definitely better than keeping it bottled up.

36. Don’t be cheap, no one likes cheap people.

37. Do one thing every day that is just for you.

38. No matter how bad things seem they will always work out, they always do.

39. Learn when it’s time to let someone go because you can’t hang on forever.

40. Realize that people on the internet are still humans with problems and feelings, just like you.

41. Just because someone else doesn’t like something doesn’t mean you can’t.

42. Always open your doors to the people in your life, a home with laughter and love will fill you.

43. Be honest, it will help you way more than getting caught in a lie.

44. If you think the grass is greener on the other side, start watering your own side more.

45. If you get tired, take a nap.

46. Always at least listen to other people’s points of view, even if it seems completely insane.

47. Do something that makes you feel alive or stimulated every single day or else you might as well be dead.

48. Road rage is NEVER going to make the other drivers drive better or get you anywhere faster.

49. Laughter is the best medicine, it’s also good for the soul.

50. You are enough just the way you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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