42 Signs You’re, Like, Basic AF

Abby Kihano

1. Showering is like painful for you.

2. You wonder how many layers of dry shampoo is too many? Answer: the limit does not exist.

3. You act like getting out of bed is the worst thing in the world.

4. You act like you have real problems when your life is actually fine.

5. You definitely love Starbucks.

6. You always tweet when you’re hungover about how hungover you are.

7. You have to post obsessive amounts of Snapchat stories when you go out because like if you don’t post them people won’t know how much fun you’re having while they’re home with their cat.

8. You exaggerate EVERYTHING.

9. The toughest decision you make on the weekends is what outfit to wear out to the bar.

10. Shopping heals you.

11. You always post pictures when you go on vacation in a bikini (#hotdogsorlegs?)

12. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is your favorite holiday.

13. You always have to take a selfie, especially right after you get your hair done because your flawlessness needs to be shared with all.

14. You have all the Naked palettes and spend lots of time watching makeup tutorials on the Internet.

15. Twitter is your favorite news source.

16. You drink vodka sodas and pretend to enjoy them because they’re ~ low cal ~.

17. You love reality TV because it makes you feel like you’re involved in drama without having to actually do any of the dirty work.

18. You drink things that are green just because you associate that with being healthy.

19. Target. You fucking love Target. And you probably shared the article on Facebook about how you will soon be able to drink alcohol in Target when you shop.

20. Taylor Swift is your jam, whether you willingly admit it or not.

21. You’d totally pick the movie over the book.

22. You always Snapchat your food like people actually give a shit that you’re eating a piece of pizza.

23. You want more than anything to be on the Bachelor.

24. Brunch is your jam, along with bottomless mimosas.

25. Chipotle – that’s all.

26. You love getting your nails done almost as much as you love throwing up in the morning when you’re hungover.

27. You openly admit you’re basic.

28. You read your horoscope and send it to your friends saying “omg this is so me”.

29. You say ‘margs’ instead of margaritas, but whatevs.

30. You love online shopping.

31. You say things like “my diet starts Monday.”

32. You love wine, like, you’d rather die than not drink wine.

33. You have tiny tattoos.

34. You tell your friends you need to detox, but then go out that same night.

35. When you call into sick to work it’s because you’re hungover.

36. You want an IV of coffee flowing straight into your veins.

37. You hate pants, like, so much.

38. You post some shit about how half your friends are married and the other half are having babies and you’re just a hot mess.

39. You go to bed every night thankful for Netflix account your best friends dad pays for.

40. You love sparkling water and you hate cardio.

41. You take pictures in a sunflower field in summer.

42. You take planned ‘candid’ photos for Instagram and still try to play it off like it was actually candid.

Bonus: You share this article with your friend and say something typical like, “LOL so us.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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