19 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Awful And You Need To Dump Him Immediately


1. He doesn’t allow you to talk to other guys, even if it’s someone you’ve been friends with for a really long time because he’s insecure and super jealous.

2. He doesn’t allow you to hang out with your girl friends really either because he thinks you’ll be doing things you’re not supposed to do, like talking to other guys.

3. He basically doesn’t let you do anything without him because he has no trust, which is his own issue that he needs to work out. He wants you to live inside this little glass box and only answer to him.

4. He digs through your phone because he doesn’t trust you (even when you’ve done nothing wrong) and every time someone texts you he makes you show him because he think you’re lying to him.

5. He talks negatively about your weight. He always makes comments about how you should work out or how you don’t need that cookie, when he doesn’t even go to the gym. He’s a dick and a total hypocrite.

6. He blames you for everything. Even if it’s not your fault he somehow spins it on you because it’s easier that way for him to make you feel guilty.

7. He is never happy for you, unless he’s with you and gets to experience the reason you’re happy. You can never come home and tell him about all the good things that happened at work because it will just irritate him.

8. He’ll put himself first in the relationship doing what he wants to do. Say everyone is going to happy hour after work and he goes, but he doesn’t tell you. If you get upset then he’ll tell you you’re making a big deal out of nothing. If you were to do that all hell would break lose and he would freak the fuck out.

9. It’s always 20 questions before you do anything because he wants to know every little detail of what you’re doing in order to try to catch you in a lie or make you feel like you owe him the explanations he’s looking for.

10. He gets frustrated and angry with you if you have a bad day because he wants you to focus on him. He doesn’t really care about your problems but gets annoyed if you tell him about them. He will just blame you saying you’re never happy.

11. He makes you CONSTANTLY keep in contact. If you even think you’re going to spend time with your friends good luck because you’re going to be that one friend who is always on her phone or deal with the consequences of his freak outs later on.

12. He gets offended if you tell him you have to go while on the phone. He freaks out asking what’s more important than him. He wants to ruin your good time because he isn’t there with you, watching you.

13. He makes you feel stupid. If you didn’t do something the EXACT way he told you to do it he gets pissed and starts yelling at you making you feel stupid.

14. He talks down to you. It doesn’t matter who he is in front of either, he wants to make it known that he is superior to you and that’s definitely not how it should be.

15. He’s shady. It takes a while for him to answer your questions, almost like pulling teeth, but if you don’t answer one of his questions without blinking an eye then he suspects you’re lying and freaks out on you.

16. He tells you the things you do aren’t good enough. He hates when you drive, he hates when you cook, he hates when you try to nail the picture frame yourself because he always could have done it better.

17. He acts like him canceling plans isn’t a big deal because he has more important things to do than spend time with you, but if you ever thought about canceling plans with him then you’d think again immediately because he would start screaming at you.

18. He manipulates you all the time into doing things you don’t want to do or feeling bad for him. He completely fucks with your head.

19. He thinks you should have sex with him whenever he is in the mood. Spoiler: you DON’T and while you’re at it you should dump his ass because he sucks!!!! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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