Quit Breaking Your Own Heart Going Back To Him


You keep going back to him because he tells you this time things will be different.

Why do you believe him?

Things weren’t different the last couple times, what makes you think this time things will change?

You want to believe him, you really do, so you go back. You keep going back and you keep getting your heart broke. You keep believing the same lie over and over again. The fighting doesn’t stop, the hurt doesn’t go away and the only person you really have to blame for this never ending cycle is you.

You are the one who is continuing to break your own heart, not him.

You know who he is; you know what he’s capable of and yet you don’t walk away.

Walking away is hard, I won’t argue that at all. It’s so much easier to tell yourself that this time you mean it, that this time you are really done with him and his bullshit. But then he comes back and you can’t resist. Maybe you hold off for a few hours, but eventually you give in. You give in because you want to talk to him, you want to know what he’s got to say and you want to hear that he wants you back.

He’s your biggest weakness because in your mind resisting him and walking away is so much harder than just believing him and giving in for one last time.

Being on your own is scary after being with someone you love and really letting go is terrifying, but so brave. Walking away means you respect yourself enough to put an end to someone who doesn’t treat you right. 

It takes a lot of strength to actually move on and let go. It’s putting yourself through hell and back, but it will make you feel better than repeatedly getting disappointed and hurt by the same person.

I know you want to be done and walk away, but you miss him. Feeling lonely is tough, but breaking your own heart over and over again for someone who clearly doesn’t care for it properly is even tougher.

When the heart is involved we all do things we aren’t necessarily proud of because love turns us into irrational people. Love makes us forget just how strong and smart we are sometimes.

It leaves you hurting. You’re hurting because once again he broke your heart when he swore he wouldn’t. You’re feeling lost and disappointed. You just wanted him to mean what he said and this was the time you thought he would.

Quit breaking your own heart going back to him. You don’t deserve that. You deserve someone who treats you with respect and actually gives a shit when he upsets you. You don’t deserve someone who treats you like crap and doesn’t care about their actions or words because they know that you’ll just come back.

You’ve proved to him you’ll be there time and time again, no matter how much he screws up.

Walking away is hard; it’s really hard but it will probably be the best thing you do for yourself.

Quit giving your heart back to someone who mistreats it and learn how to love and nurture it on your own this time around. You are strong and you can do it, you just have to realize what you deserve and stand up for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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