45 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Feel Lost


1. Am I doing everything I can to make the most out of my life? If no, what can I do better to improve?

2. Is my job fulfilling me? If no, is my job supplying me with enough income to be able to afford the things I want (a nice house, vacation, a car)? If not, why the hell am I still there?

3. Am I asking for others to pity me and my life?

4. Did life fuck me over with a circumstance that’s out of my control? Am I doing all that I can to push past it and regain control of my life?

5. Am I expressing enough gratitude?

6. If money weren’t a factor would I still be doing what I’m doing now? If no, then why are you doing it?

7. Why did I pursue this path in the first place?

8. Am I truly happy?
Or am I just comfortable?

9. Am I in control of my life? Or am I a slave to my own life?

10. What are my greatest achievements thus far in life?

11. Am I letting other people’s success take away from the success of my own life? If yes, how do I stop feeling inadequate compared to others? And why do I care about their success when their job isn’t anything I’d want to do.

12. Do I waste time belittling other people’s lives? If yes, why and why does that make me feel better?

13. What are the most important things in my life?

14. What are my values?

15. Do I stand strong by my values? Or do I allow my values to be tampered depending on who is around? Why?

16. Do I love myself? If no, why not?

17. What can I do to better my relationship with myself?

18. Am I living the life I imagined? If no, how can I improve it?

19. If I only had half a year left to live how would I spend it? What’s stopping me from doing those things right now?

20. What is the biggest lesson I’ve learned in life?

21. Have I reached out to anyone that I’ve been missing and let them know? If no, what am I waiting for?

22. Will the things I allow myself to get upset with matter in a year? If no, then why do I let them bother me in the moment?

23. Do I have my goals written down somewhere I can see them? If no, this is a personal reminder to move them. And a reminder to write them down if I haven’t.

24. Are the opportunities I want there? Or do I have to find a way to create my own and what can I do to get there?

25. If I could not fail what would I do? Is fear of failure the only thing holding me back right now from achieving that goal?

26. What is my biggest regret to date? How can I ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself?

27. How can I do better next time?

28. Do the people in my life fulfill me? If no, why do I keep them around?

29. Am I high on my list of things I love? If no, how can I change that?

30. Do I have people who I can count on if I’m lacking inspiration or motivation to keep going? Do they know how important they are to me?

31. While I’m at my job I don’t like am I moving towards finding one I do like?

32. What is my biggest fear? Is it a real fear, or is it an illusion that you’ve convinced yourself to be afraid of.

33. Am I scared to be alone? Why or why not?

34. What am I settling for right now? Why am I settling for that?

35. What are some of my bad habits I believe are holding me back? Why haven’t I broke these habits yet?

36. Am I living in the present? Or am I holding on to the past or clinging to a better future? Why aren’t I making the most out of today?

37. What do I believe I was put on this earth to accomplish? Am I doing everything I can to get there?

38. How can I make my life more meaningful?

39. Am I working to better other people’s live? If no, then what am I doing?

40. Are the five people I spend the most time with holding me back or pushing me forward?

41. Am I easily influenced by other people’s opinions?

42. Have I ever not done something I should have because someone told me it was a bad idea? Why did I let their fear dictate my decision?

43. What does my role model have that I am lacking? How can I be more like them?

44. Am I afraid of letting other’s get close to me? Why?

45. What am I going to do differently after reading these questions? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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