You Should Absolutely Tell Him Goodbye If He Does These 11 Things To You

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1. He doesn’t support you. He’s always trying to talk you out of the things you really want to do and it in turn it makes you decide not to pursue it. You can be over the top excited about and idea you have, but as soon as he tells you it’s stupid you just drop it. That’s not how it should be, he should be supporting you in every way.

2. He doesn’t respect your friends. He always talks about how much he hates your friends in front of you and it makes you feel really crappy about it. He doesn’t give them a chance and he doesn’t forgive them for something stupid they do, instead he hangs it over their heads and constantly talks down to them.

3. He doesn’t respect your family. He doesn’t make an effort to get to really know them and love them. He will talk negatively about them to you and even talks down to them in front of them. He just has no manners, but you let him do it or maybe you tell him to stop, but he doesn’t. The least he should do is fake it.

4. He doesn’t include you with his friends. He makes his own plans with his friends and he doesn’t even have the decency to tell you, let alone invite you. He just expects you to be okay with it.

5. He makes degrading jokes about you in front of his friends. When he does ask you to come along it’s a lot of offensive jokes that you don’t find funny at all. He hurts you and when you ask him about it he tells you he was just joking and that you shouldn’t take things so personally.

6. He holds you to double standards. He will get mad at you for not doing something that he would never do or he gets mad that you went out with your friends when he goes out with his friends all the time. That’s not fair to you at all and there should be no double standards in your relationship.

7. He talks down to you about your career. He tells you it’s not real work because it doesn’t involve manual labor or it just isn’t something he thinks you should be a career. He always makes comments about how you might sit down all day at work so there’s no way you could be tired. He makes you feel like you can never vent about something bad that happened because he’s just going to put it down anyways.

8. He treats you like you’re incapable of doing things on your own. It’s not even nice at this point, he just acts like you can’t do anything without him. He doesn’t trust you on your own because he thinks you will mess it up and he’s the only one who can do any manual work right. He blames you every time things go wrong because he assumes it must have been something you touched and now he’s left to clean it up.

9. He doesn’t let things go. Maybe you accidentally left the oven on after you were just busy making him dinner and he freaks out about it. He keeps bringing it up in conversation about how you could have burnt the house down or that he can’t believe you did something so stupid, when it wasn’t even on for that long. He just finds reasons to attack you and doesn’t let up.

10. He apologizes then continues to do the same thing over again. He tells you he’s sorry because he knows that is what you want to hear but he doesn’t necessarily mean it and he doesn’t change his behavior at all. You don’t want to be with someone you can’t trust and know he doesn’t mean the words he says. He just tells you what you want to hear then goes and does whatever he wants anyway, that isn’t cool especially if you plan on sticking with him for the long haul. It will just leave you feeling disappointed time and time again.

11. He never can have a serious talk about how he’s making you feel. You’re upset and all you want is for him to take you seriously about how you feel and he doesn’t. He just tells you you’re overreacting and he’s not doing anything wrong. He can’t see how his behavior is affecting you and he also doesn’t care enough to try to change it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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