Here’s What You Need To Do In Order To Ease Your Anxiety, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Jenny Woods
Jenny Woods


Ask for a hug and allow yourself to feel completely safe and supported in the arms of someone you love. You are allowed to feel vulnerable and you are allowed to ask for help.


Call a close friend and have an in-depth conversation freeing the weight in your chest, while eating your favorite comfort food. Indulge in the good stuff that makes you happy.


Write down the thoughts inside your head and if you feel even braver share those thoughts with someone close to you to help escape what’s running rapid in your mind. Expressing your concerns will help free your mind.


Drink a hot cup of tea on the couch snuggled in blankets and surrounded by candlelight. Light a good aroma therapy candle and try to relax to your favorite movie.


Find a soothing song that helps you feel more understood and less alone, the listen to it on repeat until you can feel a little better.


Try reading to distract your mind from making your situation worse than it is. Get lost in another world with your favorite characters to forget your own.


Spend time out in public with friends to help you from wallowing in negative emotions. Even if you don’t want to go, you should be around people you love.


Spend time in peaceful spots in nature to relax and inhale in fresh air. Nothing will help you feel better than the simple things to take you away from the hustle of everyday life.


You shouldn’t be alone even if you feel like you need to be. Spend your nights by yourself if you need to decompress, but go out to lunch and express your feelings. It doesn’t make you weak and it really will help you feel better.


Take a warm bubble bath with calming music and a glass of wine on the side. Try to relax and pamper yourself.


Go for a walk by a body of water and focus on the good in your life. When the anxiety conquers your mind remember it’s not all bad, even if it feels like it. Remembering the good will help soothe you slightly.


Call up your close friend and discuss what is running through your mind so you don’t retreat to your own world filled with negative thoughts. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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