If He Won’t Do These 10 Things For You Dump His Ass


1. Treat your friends and family with respect. To be honest he don’t have to like them, but he at least has to be respectful and a decent person when they are around each other. You’re not asking him to spend a weekend alone with them, but just to learn to be civil and get along with the most important people in your life as best he can.

2. Listen to you when you’re talking. If something important happened to you at work or you got big news he should be tuning in to listen to what happened and be excited about the news with you.

3. Take your relationship seriously. If he’s treating your relationship more like a fling then there’s no point to it. You might be pouring all your love into it, but he doesn’t care because he’s too concerned with himself and what he wants to do. It’s not healthy and it will leave you feeling worthless.

4. Kiss you. He should kiss you in the morning, before bed, in public, saying hello and goodbye, there is always a reason to kiss. Don’t lack the PDA, it doesn’t have to be full on, but it should be there.

5. Hold the door open for you. This one might sound a little chivalrous, but it’s important. I’m not asking him to get out and open your car door (bonus points if he does), but he should at least hold the door open for you when you’re walking in somewhere.

6. Talk about important decisions with you. He shouldn’t make decisions that would affect the both of you on his own. That isn’t right and it surely isn’t fair to you. He should also have your best interest at heart, too.

7. Look you in the eyes during sex. Your sex life shouldn’t consist of banging with the lights off and doggy style. He should be able to look you in the eyes and be vulnerable with you.

8. Have open communication with you. He should be telling you things and not hiding what he’s doing and where he’s going from you. You don’t need to track his phone or anything crazy, but he should be honest with you and you should feel comfortable trusting him.

9. Try new things. If he won’t adjust to anything or try new things, where is the fun in the relationship? He will only be holding you back from growing or you will grow on your own, leading you to outgrow your relationship with him.

10. Make sacrifices.
Love is a compromise and you have to sacrifice some things in order to make it work sometimes. If he isn’t willing to give anything up while you’re always adjusting your lifestyle for him, it simply isn’t worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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