11 People Spill The Most Cringeworthy Thing A Random Has Done During A One-Night Stand

David Cohen
David Cohen

1. “This girl I meet while traveling told me that she could show me a good time so after some drinks we went to the bathroom of the hostel to have sex. I put it in her ass and she shit everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It was all over the walls and the floor, it was not a good time.” – Rick, 24

2. “One dude I had sex with for the first and only time told me he loved me while we were having sex. The sex wasn’t even good.” – Brooke, 23

3. “I hooked up with a random Aussie guy and he had “suck it” tattooed on his dick, like actually on his dick and you could read the words perfectly when he was hard….” – Kelly, 28

4. “I had sex with a girl and she stayed the night, the sex was fine, but when I woke up to her taking a shit in the corner of my room into a plastic bag, that was not fine.” – Mike, 25

5. “This one guy I had sex with wanted me to pretend I was a guy and thrust my hips into him from behind, it was extremely awkward.” – Lacy, 26

6. “I meet this guy at a bar and he brough me back to his hostel. He won on the top bunk and started having loud sex while everyone else in his dorm room was sleeping. It was so embarrassing I ran out as soon as it was over.” – Michaela, 22

7. “I had sex with this chick and she started slapping me in the face and telling me to tell her she was a badass pussy cat….” – John, 25

8. “One girl I went home with went to give me head but pulled out her fake teeth right before and told me she couldn’t suck dick with her teeth in. I immediately pulled my pants up and left.” – Nick, 29

9. “I had sex with a guy who made me put on his football uniform before he’d have sex with me, then he wanted me to strip it off in front of him.” – Kayla, 25

10. “I had a one night stand where the girl insisted on burning candle wax on me then peeling it off with her teeth. It was an extremely weird experience, but I kind of liked it.” –Dan, 30

11. “I had sex with a guy who peed on me, it was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever had happen to me.” – Jill, 27 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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