25 Intimate Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Debating Whether To Stay Or Let Them Go


1. Does my partner make me want to be a better person?

2. Am I scared to live without them or am I more scared to be alone?

3. Am I only staying with them because we have too many ties?

4. Am I actually in love with this person or do I just love them?

5. Do I like them, not only love them?

6. Do they want to be with me whole-heartedly, or are they only half invested?

7. Does being around them drain me or recharge me?

8. Am I making out our relationship to be better than the reality of it is in my head?

9. Would my life improve and would I achieve more if I were to walk away?

10. Are they holding me back from achieving the life I really want or am I holding them back from living out their dreams?

11. Are we growing together or growing apart?

12. Are they my biggest support system and number one fan? Or do I struggle to get them to engage in my life? Do I enjoy supporting them in their life?

13. Do I have to sacrifice more than I should for this relationship with little to nothing in return?

14. Do they make me feel good about myself?

15. Do I actually love them or do I love the person I want them to be and the person I’ve idealized them to be in my head?

16. Do they make me feel safe and secure?

17. Do they make the ordinary seem extraordinary and even more special for being by my side?

18. Can I look in the mirror and honestly say I’m happy with them and the life we’ve been living?

19. Do they make me laugh and cheer me up when I’m down? Or just push me down further?

20. Do I feel excited to return home to them after work? And excited to start the day with them by my side?

21. Is my partner my best friend?

22. Do I feel they accept me for who I am? Or can I sense they’re always trying to change me to be someone I’m not?

23. Does the future excite me? Am I picturing them in my future with me or not?

24. Have I been able to truly love and accept my partner for their flaws and bad habits or do they still make me want to rip my hair out?

25. Do I love myself enough to walk away if that’s what I need to do for myself? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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