15 Things You Absolutely Must Do In Order To Maintain A Healthy Relationship


1. Be honest.
You have to be honest with each other, if money is tight talk about it. If you didn’t get the promotion or job you were talking about for weeks just admit it. Honesty is something you need in order to keep the relationship afloat. You can’t have tons of lies floating around getting all mixed up in each other.

2. Have trust.
You have to establish a healthy balance of trust, which starts from not lying to each other or doing sketchy things behind each other’s backs. You have to earn trust and once you have it don’t do anything to jeopardize it because it only takes one second to break it and forever to gain.

3. Be open to communication. You have to be able to talk openly and freely about everything from hating dinner your partner to what you want in the bedroom. Everything has to be open and fair game to talk about in order to make the relationship work.

4. Have fun. You have to continue to laugh and have fun in your relationship. Once it becomes purely serious it only builds tension and underlying feelings of negativity, something you definitely don’t need. Laugh, do stupid things together and don’t take everything so seriously.

5. Keep flirting. You still have to flirt and like each other in order to stay in love with each other. Don’t get lazy and comfortable in your relationship, keep doing thoughtful things and flirt with each other like you used to when you first started dating.

6. Keep dating. Set aside a night a week and make sure you do something with just the two of you. Whether it’s going to a new restaurant every week or a bike ride or swimming in the ocean. Do something you both enjoy and spend quality time with each other while also checking in to see how you’re both doing.

7. Grow together. You should have new goals as your relationship progresses from when first started dating until the point you’re at now. Whether you’re at the buying a house stage, maybe even moving in together or having children or sending the kids off the college. You will undoubtedly grow and change throughout your lives together, but make sure you do it together. Talk about your goals and dreams, and as they change make sure you’re both on board.

8. Admit when you’re wrong. Don’t let your pride get in the way of your relationship; the best thing to do is pick your battles because some just aren’t worth arguing over.

9. Celebrate each other. One of you gets a promotion? Celebrate! You only got a warning when you should have got a ticket? Yeeww! You found a great bargain for a painting for the house? Cheers! Always celebrate each other, no matter how irrelevant it seems.

10. Talk about sex. You have to be able to talk about sex with your partner. It shouldn’t be awkward or uncomfortable and it shouldn’t only be a conversation while you’re in the bedroom. It’s important to your relationship so treat it like it is.

11. Compliment each other. Don’t notice her spending a half hour on her hair and not tell her it looks pretty and do not ever say anything negative when she comes back from the hair salon, even if she doesn’t like it. Give each other compliments it will make you both happier.

12. Be your own person. Don’t become completely reliant on your partner because that just feels like extra weight on top of what they’re already carrying. Be self-sufficient, but let them know you do need them every now and then.

13. Be respectful. Don’t completely disregard what your partner wishes because you want something different. Keep in mind both parties when you’re making a decision that you both will be involved in. Don’t sign up for sky diving if you know that’s a fear of your partners.

14. Take interest in each other’s passions. It doesn’t have to be your passion, but you should at least show interest every now and then. I’m sure your partner doesn’t like every one of your hobbies, but they’ll still come along because it’s what makes you happy.

15. Encourage and support each other. Nothing feels better than when you know you have the person you love backing you up in your corner. It just makes things feel better, so always encourage each other to be the best you can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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