12 Little (But Important) Signs That Prove You’ve Found Your Forever Person


1. You both can be completely yourselves around each other. You’re never ashamed to be who you really are. No matter who the crowd is around the two of you you’re both the same people, maybe just minus a little affection for the sake of those around you.

2. Neither of you feel embarrassed being naked. You can both be naked around each other and you’re not constantly insecure because you’re so comfortable around each other. It’s truly a great feeling.

3. You can talk about anything. Your relationship has no barriers; they don’t make you feel dumb or stupid for your thoughts or questions. They are open to talking to you about your doubts, fears, dreams and wants in every possible aspect of life.

4. You eat whatever and whenever you want in front of them. Neither of you have any shame in eating out of the cartoon of ice cream at 1 AM when you can’t sleep. You’re both down to go out for pizza or stay in and cook a home cooked meal, you have no shame in your diets because you don’t feel restricted or embarrassed in front of them because salads surely aren’t always on the menu.

5. You can sing like a fool in front of each other. Whether you have a favorite duet like Party For Two – or not – you both can sing your hearts out in front of each other and laugh when one of you doesn’t know the lines or messes up the words.

6. They aren’t embarrassed when you make a fool of yourself. Instead of being completely embarrassed that you fell over a curb when you were drunk or sang the wrong lines to a karaoke song they just look at you and laugh. They’re proud to call you theirs, no matter how embarrassing you can be.

7. He’ll carry your bags. I say he because lets be real, females usually hand their boyfriends their bags. He won’t complain when you hand him your purse to hold instead he throws it over his shoulder and asks how he looks. He will hold your shopping bags, even when he clearly does not shop at Victoria’s Secret, but he does it because he loves you.

8. They surprise you with little things. You’ll each take turns surprising each other with little treats and finding reasons to celebrate each other. Whether it’s concert tickets, flowers or chocolate you know how to make each other smile.

9. The silence is never awkward. There is never awkward silence between you two, even when you’ve been silent for a while. It’s more comforting than awkward and it makes you just appreciate the moments you share with each other.

10. You fully support and encourage each other. You are each other’s own biggest fans. You’re constantly backing each other up and making big plans for the future. All you want is the best for each other and it’s a great feeling to have that approval and support.

11. You can laugh at each other. You are all about laughing at each other and yourselves. It’s a lighthearted humor that isn’t mean, but brings you closer.

12. You can fart in front of each other. This might single handedly be one of the most important factors in relationships. If you can fart in front of each other then you have completely found your forever person. Nothing says “I love you” like ripping ass on the same couch.

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