After Losing You She Let Herself Go

Elliott Dunning
Elliott Dunning

I think you’d be happy to hear she finally let herself go, but maybe not in a way you’d hope.

She didn’t gain a bunch of weight when you left; in fact she looks better than ever and she isn’t sulking on the couch hoping you’ll call.

What she did do was stop hanging her head below her shoulders and she finally decided to let herself go.

She stopped punishing herself for your actions, she stopped crying and she stopped blaming herself when she had no reason to do so in the first place.

After all you were the one who left, you were the one who decided this wasn’t what you wanted and walked away.

And she stopped feeling guilty for your decisions because she doesn’t deserve to feel guilt for a pitiful decision you made.

She doesn’t listen to sad songs anymore to feel understood and to embrace the pain a little deeper. She doesn’t stay up all night crying into her pillow and wrapping it in her arms wishing it was your warm body instead. She doesn’t wrap herself in a blanket on the couch and look at pictures of you and think about all the good times you shared together.

She let it all go, along with herself.

She finally let herself go out on dates with new men. She finally let herself go to a bar and have fun without worry of you showing up in the back of her mind.

She finally let herself laugh and be happy without feeling guilty. She finally let herself go. She let herself be her again.

She decided it was time to stop caging herself in and start being free again.

Because even though you couldn’t see what you had in front of you doesn’t mean she shouldn’t show that off to the rest of the world. It doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be the beautiful soul she is because to you it wasn’t good enough.

She’s enough and she knows that now. She can see the light radiating off of her that you tried so hard to dim. She now can see that she was never truly happy with you when she finally decided to let herself go.

She saw that she’s her own person.

She doesn’t need you to be happy, she doesn’t need you to make her decisions, and she doesn’t need you to love her because now she loves herself.

She finally let herself go and discovered all she’s capable of.

She let herself go on that vacation she’s been craving, she let herself get drunk with her friends on a Thursday, she let herself devote her time into herself and her career. She found new passions and new hobbies, she fell in love in ways she couldn’t even imagine. She finally figured out what it feels like to put herself first and to love herself.

In losing you she found herself because she finally let herself go.

You walking away was the best thing you could have done for that girl because when you said goodbye she let herself go.

Boy, if you could see her now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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