12 Foolproof Signs Your Relationship Has Hit A Dead End (And You Need To Accept It)

Ryan Moreno
Ryan Moreno

1. You fight more than you laugh.

Fighting has become your new thing and it’s not a good thing. You honestly can’t remember the last time you had an enjoyable day together without bickering over something or crying. It’s almost hard to remember the last time you were truly happy. Every time you try to touch on an important topic that needs to be discussed you get no where and it also generally turns into a fight.

2. You don’t have sex as much (or ever, really).

You nearly stopped having a physical relationship, you almost can’t stand to be near each other or look at each other, let alone touch each other. Sex started dying out around the same time you started drifting.

3. You can feel that something isn’t right.

You have this little voice in your head telling you it’s over, but neither of you can accept it and you don’t want to bring it up because you know it will just turn into another fight you don’t want to have. You’re sticking around because you feel like it’s better than walking away and being completely on your own.

4. You feel a distance between you.

The same couple that used to be completely obsessed with each other and did everything together can now feel a growing distance between you. It’s like when you look at each other you don’t even recognize the person either of you have become.

5. You stop spending the night as much.

You start growing apart and you start sleeping back at your apartment again. Maybe you just needed to get away after an argument or maybe you just no longer want to sleep by their side because you need your space. You don’t want to wake up next to them, you’d rather wake up alone and clear your thoughts.

6. You find yourself admiring happy couples, a lot.

You look at happy couples on the street and wonder why your relationship isn’t like that anymore. You secretly get jealous when you see couples holding hands and laughing together because that used to be you, now you resent them.

7. You start saying you don’t believe in love anymore.

Whenever people start questioning you about your relationship or talk about their new fling you saying things like, “just wait till shit hits the fan” or “it’s not worth it.” You are always throwing out negative connotations when it comes to love lately. You feel done with it.

8. You find yourself crying a lot and feeling sad.

You just don’t feel like yourself lately. You feel torn a lot and it upsets you. You hear a song on the radio and it can just make you break down and cry. You always talk about your relationship and are seeking advice from your friends because you just want to be reassured that things aren’t as bad as they seem or try to figure out ways to fix it, but the answers you get usually don’t make you feel any better. You know something has to change because you can’t keep living like this.

9. You find a way to bring up your S/O’s crappy behavior or a way to bash them a lot more than you used to.

Now you spill all the dirt on the things they do that piss you off, you start complaining about their actions to your friends and you just find yourself thinking about all the ways they let you down. Your relationship has become toxic and you think you know it, but you also aren’t sure you want to accept it.

10. You do less together.

You used to always just assume you’d go to a new movie release with your S/O but now that’s not the case. You think about going with your friends instead and try to incorporate them back in your life more. You start doing things by yourself and stop asking your S/O to come along because you don’t want to be an inconvenience, or you don’t want them to inconvenience you.

11. You find yourself asking permission now.

You used to just assume, you’d just come over, you’d just bring movies and snacks, you’d start treating their house like yours, but not anymore. Now it’s flipped, now you feel like you’re walking on eggshells again, asking if you can do something. Seeing if they want to come. It’s different, it’s not comfortable and you’re not sure anymore. You no longer are certain they’re going to want to go to an event with you so you have to ask.

12. You are no longer happy.

You try to find happy moment when you’re together but you can’t. Now it’s just constant nagging, annoyances and frustration. You no longer look at them with a passion burning in your eyes, instead your skeptical, you aren’t sure you can trust them and you aren’t sure what to think. You’re torn about a lot and it’s tearing you apart. Your emotions are all over the place and you just don’t have the confidence in your relationship like you used to and it’s breaking your heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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