Leaving Him Was The Right Choice


Don’t doubt yourself because you think you didn’t do enough to keep him happy because I’m sure you did.

You have a big, kind heart and you showered him with love and affection, but he didn’t want it. You gave him all you could give, you bent over backwards just to try to make him appreciate all you do for him but the only things he realized were the things you didn’t do. He made you feel guilty when you forgot to do something you said you would after a long day because you were feeling tired and burnt out. He made you feel stupid when you were wrong about something. He belittled you and didn’t make you feel like a strong woman.

You did the right thing by leaving him, even if you feel lost right now without him.

You are smarter than he gave you credit for, you are more beautiful than he told you and you are stronger than how weak he made you feel. You are more than him and you are better without him.

You did the right thing by leaving because no one should be with someone who doesn’t appreciate them, no one should be with someone who mistreats them and doesn’t know what they have while they have you.

He didn’t cherish you and he didn’t treat you the way you deserved, but someone will. Someone will come along and love you for you.

Someone will come along and love every inch of your imperfect body; they will love every scar on your body as much as they love the story behind it.

They will ask about your tattoos as they trace them with their fingers. They will love the way your hair smells when you get out of the shower and they will love the way you tilt your head when you admire something. They will laugh when you laugh because it will make them so happy to see you loving life so much.

They won’t try to change you and turn you into a different person, they won’t make you feel stupid or unappreciated because you will fit seamlessly together.

As much as it sucks right now and as hard as it is to hear about “in the future” please know that it will come and you will find the person who will make the cliché, ‘one day you’ll meet someone who will make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else’ come true.

It might take time, but be patient. Use this time to work on yourself and loving yourself through all the things he didn’t.

You did the right thing, you made the right choice to leave someone who wasn’t making you absolutely happy, you made the right choice to get up and walk away even if it feels like in doing so you broke your own heart.

It will get better and you will find the person who fills the emptiness in your heart. You did the right thing by leaving him, I just want to reassure you.

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