What You Need To Overcome In Order To Find Love, Based On Your Birth Order



Oldest children love being in charge and feeling like they’re in complete control. They love when people come to them for advice almost as much as they love giving advice. They want to be the one everyone turns to and sometimes feel like they’re obligated to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. They want to know people care about them and that their voices are being heard.

In order to find love as the first born you need to take a step back and trust others. You can’t always be there to hold everyone’s hand and you shouldn’t be expected to. You have to trust advice that others can give, you don’t always have to have the last word and you have to accept that it is okay to be wrong. You have to start focusing some of the attention you give to others on yourself in order to find love. The most important thing you can do is start focusing on yourself and loving yourself. You need to embrace your insecurities and trust that the world won’t fall apart without you. Once you do that you’ll be able to find the love you deserve.


Middle children love being better than their siblings, they love proving them wrong, they love being right and they love being the best. Middle children always try to find a way to outshine others and to do things bigger and better. They feel like they are often overlooked so will do more to become noticed.

In order to find love as a middle child you need to accept that you don’t always have to be the center of attention to get what you want. Your hard working attitude and competitive nature is great, but sometimes you come on too strong. You need to cool it a little bit and stop putting others down in order to shine. It is okay to not be the best at everything and it is okay to lose every once in a while because without failure there is no growth. Once you’re able to accept that there will be others who will be better than you and you don’t always need to steal the spotlight you’ll find someone who loves you for you.


Youngest children are so used to attention and everyone treating them like a baby, even after they’re grown up. You’re mom still probably refers to you as her baby and treats you extra special because you’re her youngest. You are used to getting loved and praised, and frankly you like it because you rarely ever have to return the compliment.

In order to find love you need to learn how to praise yourself. You need to stop always looking for praise from others; it’s okay if someone didn’t compliment your haircut or admires your new shoes. You are used to everyone gawking over you and noticing what you’ve accomplished, but the praise won’t always be there and it can get tiring in a relationship always complimenting someone. It can get even more tiring complimenting someone who never compliments back. Once you’re able to accept that the world doesn’t revolve around you you’ll be able to find love.


Twins are always being mistaken for each other, they sometimes get lost in now knowing who they are because they’re constantly being called their twins name, making them feel like they aren’t individuals.

In order to find love you need to accept that you are your own person. You need to break free from the barrier that you aren’t your own person. You have to take a step back and stop constantly comparing yourself to your twin. You are different people so you will both excel differently and different times, it does not make one of you better and one of you worse. You’ll find love when you pursue your own passion in a way that makes your world light up around you, that’s when you’ll find someone who will complete you in a way you never felt would be possible.


Only children are used to being on their own, the house was always quiet when they were home, they never had any siblings to look up to or have any to look up to them. They got used to being on their own and began to actually like it. They’re more introverted than extroverted; they find joy in having time to themselves and definitely need alone time to recharge.

In order to find love as an only child you need to open yourself up a little more to the world. You need to eliminate the idea that you can’t coexist with someone and realize that sharing your life with someone isn’t awful. There is enough oxygen in the room for the both of you to breath. It’s hard for you to loosen up on your independence, but once you realize the person interested in you isn’t trying to strip you of your freedom you’ll be able to find love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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