I Want You To Grab My Hand When I Try To Walk Away


If I try to walk away I want you to fight for me. I want you to grab my hand and pull me back; I want you to tell me you can’t let me go.

I don’t want you to let me walk away without a word because I don’t deserve someone who tries to win me back; I deserve someone who never lets me go in the first place.

We all deserve someone who never lets us go.

We deserve someone who will fight for us, someone who knows what they have while they have us. We don’t deserve someone who let’s us go then comes crawling back after the fact, after they’ve realized how much they screwed up.

I deserve someone who knows they can’t let me go, someone who knows just how important I am and cherishes me before they lose me. I deserve someone who makes me look forward to tomorrow, to waking up in their arms and making me feel like no matter what happens today it will all be okay because when I come home they will be there.

We all deserve that comfort and love.

I deserve someone who will stick by my side and fight with me until four in the morning if that is how long it will take to go to bed no longer angry at each other. I deserve someone who will tell me I’m being irrational when I am. I deserve someone who will support me when things get hard in my life because my problems in turn are their problems.

I deserve someone who will have my back even when we can’t stand each other at the moment because that’s what loving someone means. It means to defend them no matter what because you want what is best for them and you can’t stand to see them hurting even when you can’t stand them.

We all deserve someone to fight for us even when you’re fighting your own battles against each other.

So when we are fighting and I try to walk away, when I tell you I want to be alone, when I tell you that I can’t stand to look at you know that in that very moment I probably can’t, but more than anything I don’t want you to let me walk away. When I turn my back to walk away I want you to grab my hand, I want you to pull me in and tell me that you can’t live without me. I want you to not give me the option to walk away because after the heat of the moment cools down, I know there is no where else I’d rather be than in your arms.

So please don’t let me go, I deserve someone who doesn’t let me go when things get hard.

We all deserve someone who doesn’t let us go when things get sticky and difficult and hard.

And yes, I do deserve this kind of person and this kind of love, as do you, as does everyone because when you love someone with all your heart you deserve to have someone love you back just as much.

If you spill your heart out and fight for someone they should fight for you, too. Love is not a one-way street it doesn’t work that way. Everyone deserves someone who makes them look forward to tomorrow, everyone deserves to miss someone and have them miss them, too. Everyone deserves to give love and receive love because in a world full of hate the only thing that can truly change people is love. Everyone deserves love, to be loved and to give love, because love is not selfish. Love is kind and giving and genuine.

When you truly love someone you love the despite how angry they may make you, so please when we fight, don’t let me walk away. I want you to grab my hand and tell me you won’t let me go, tell me you won’t ever let me go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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