16 Men On The One Sweet Gesture They Enjoy Doing For Their Girlfriend


1. “Once a month I’ll go all out and cook her a big dinner so she doesn’t have to worry about it when she gets home. I never tell her what night I’m doing it, but I make sure she doesn’t have plans that night and she always walks into the kitchen surprised and happy.” – Mark, 25

2. “I’ll do something for her she’s been putting off for a while, I know she doesn’t want to do it if she keeps saying she needs to do it but doesn’t. It makes her happy to know that it’s done and she no longer has to worry about it.” – Cam, 37

3. “I love cooking her breakfast in bed on Sunday mornings. On weekends we don’t have anything going on I always cook us breakfast and she always loves it.” – Tyler, 24

4. “I’ll pick her up from work on lunch and we’ll spend it eating together when I’m home for the week. It’s just nice to see her in the middle of the day and I know it makes her happy getting her out of the office, even if it’s only for lunch.” – Sam, 29

5. “I’ll do the laundry for her, especially if I can tell she’s had a stressful week. It isn’t a big thing, but she always appreciates it when I do it.” – Brad, 32

6. “I like randomly getting her flowers on my way home from work. They actually have a nice selection at the gas station by our house, so if I go fill up I’ll grab her flowers and a chocolate bar.” – Cody, 34

7. “I’m nice to her friends I can’t stand. You’d be surprised how happy this can make a woman.” – Eric, 23

8. “She knows I hate PDA, but sometimes when we’re out at a festival or a park I’ll grab her hand and it makes her smile.” – Wes, 27

9. “I’ll buy her food when she’s craving something but doesn’t want to leave the house. It makes her really happy.” – Rob, 21

10. “I DVR her show for her, even if she forgets it’s on or doesn’t ask because I know she will eventually remember and I’ll have it covered.” – Tom, 26

11. “If I go out in the morning before she wakes up I’ll always grab her a bagel or a coffee when I’m out and it always puts her in a good mood to start the day.” – Adam, 28

12. “If I walk by a book store I’ll always pop in and buy her a book I think she’ll like. She’s a total book worm so it’s a simple, yet easy gesture that I know will always make her happy.” – Mike, 30

13. “If she goes out with her friends and I’m home I’ll clean the house, or at least do some big things I know she’d have to do the next day. She’s ecstatic when she gets home.” – Lucas, 26

14. “If she tells me she’s hungry before I come to her house I’ll stop on the way and grab her favorite take out to bring to her.” – Vince, 22

15. “I’ll offer to take her kids to a movie or bowling so she can have some alone time or go out with her friends. She really appreciates it and it makes me happy she trusts me enough to take her kids without her.” – John, 40

16. “It’s not much, but I’ll always send her a sweet text throughout the day when we’re apart. Something like “I miss you” or “I’m thinking of you” always makes her smile.” – Jason, 31 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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