10 Little Things To Start Doing Now If You Want To Find Love In 2017


1. Take a good hard look in the mirror at yourself.

Face yourself, don’t let yourself become your own worst nightmare. Your body and your problems don’t define you, so don’t let them. You will never feel better about yourself if you’re always running from yourself. Write down what you love about yourself, not only physically, but as a whole. Write down what you don’t like about yourself, too. When you have these things in front of you ask yourself why you think and feel this way. If you can or want to make any adjustments, do so accordingly. Start heading in the right direction, slowly but surely to love the face looking back at you in the mirror.

2. Be honest with yourself.

Write down your goals and your aspirations; write down what makes you happy and what you love about a person. The most important person you can be honest with is yourself. If you’re not happy or satisfied with yourself, start there and soul search to discover why you’re not happy. Understand yourself and allow yourself to be who you really are. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not in order to impress people, you can’t live a lie your whole life. Be honest with yourself and discover who you are in every single aspect of your life.

3. Accept yourself.

You don’t have to jump right into loving yourself, but you at least have to start with accepting yourself. Accept that you are who you are and if you’re not proud of that make the necessary changes to better yourself. Understand that results don’t come instantaneously and hard work in order to improve your life takes time. Be the absolute best version of yourself and be proud of who you are, as a whole. Start with accepting yourself then before you know it you will begin loving yourself even more.

4. Make your happiness a priority.

You cannot be happy with someone else until you are happy alone. Don’t self-sabotage yourself and hope that someone can fix you because they can’t. You have to find yourself and take care of yourself. You have to fulfill your own wants and needs in order to be able to feel whole in a relationship and help them fulfill their wants and needs. Put yourself first while you’re alone and work on you, find the things that make you happy and never let them go.

5. Live in the now.

Stop letting moments pass you by, this is your life, this is your moment, you have to live in the now. If you’re continuously looking forward to the next thing you’ll never be happy or satisfied. You’ll always be looking for what’s the come and you’ll miss the moments and opportunities right in front of you. Enjoy the world the way it is now, so you can enjoy the world the way it is in the future without any regrets of what you might have missed out on. Appreciate the moments of solidarity, of loneliness, of self-growth and self-improvement. These feelings will all lead you to where you’re supposed to be.

6. Learn from your mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone fails and everyone screws up, but the only thing that matters is what we do in those moments to improve. Take the lessons you’ve learned from this point in life pertaining to success, love and heartache and learn from them. Don’t overcommit yourself if that approach has failed you every time or do it if you’re a full on kind of person. See what works for you, see where you’ve succeeded and where you’ve failed and learn about yourself from those decisions.

7. Be polite and kind to everyone, including yourself.

Be kind not only to yourself, but also others. The way you treat yourself is a direct reflection of how you allow others to treat you. Likewise, how you treat others is a reflection of how you treat yourself. If you don’t love yourself who will? You have to value your relationship with yourself and be kind to yourself, the only thing stronger than hate is love, so start learning to love yourself.

8. Fall in love with your life.

Love your life for everything you currently have it. Stop looking to fill the voids in your heart with love and start appreciating everything you already do have. Do something nice for your friends, call your family and tell them you love them and be all around appreciative for every part of your life, even the failures for they will provide lessons. Once you fall in love with your life things will start coming together as a whole, but you have to start somewhere, so start small and build up.

9. Give people a chance.

Stop judging people before you give them a chance, stop pushing people away and stop making up excuses for why someone isn’t good for you when they actually are. Stop trying to throw away perfectly good relationships because you don’t think you deserve them. Rid the toxic people you have in your life and replace them will new, loving souls. Some relationships grow out and that’s the way out of, but that doesn’t mean you can’t allow others to grow in. Open your heart and your mind and give people a chance. Don’t pin point what is wrong with them, don’t focus on their flaws, but instead be open to their differences because we all have our flaws.

10. Be truly happy.

Being happy is simple, yet extremely difficult but once you find happiness fully you will be ready for love. Once you find your passion and you never want to let it go. Once you love yourself through your flaws and appreciate the face looking back at you. Once you open your mind and your heart. Once you lay your flaws on the table and take a good hard look at yourself then you will be ready. Once you are happy with yourself and your life you will find love, when you can say it with honesty and that you really are genuinely happy, then you’ll be ready for love because the people who are happily in love with their lives shine, they shine so bright that other people want to be around them. Once you shine you will find love, but first you need to shine for yourself.

If you want to be in love by next year, it has nothing to do with the person you want to love, it has nothing to do with how to find them or how to flirt. All it has to do with is you. Find yourself, love yourself and love your life so much that it radiates off of you, then you will find love because you will attract people with similar minds and they will love you for that. It all starts with looking without yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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