Don’t Leave Her If You Can’t Let Her Go


Don’t think of telling her goodbye if you don’t really mean it. Don’t break her heart only to blow up her phone when you’re lonely late at night. Don’t tell her you’re moving on if you take one step forward and two steps back to her every time. Don’t leave her if you can’t let her go.

Once you break her heart she’s vulnerable, she’s hurting and she’s trying to move on with her life, like you’ve done with yours. She might text you, she might call you, but it’s because she doesn’t know how to live without you after all this time.

You cut her and you cut her deep, deep enough where she will have a permanent scar.

She’s doing her best, but her best will take time.

Don’t tell her you miss her if you have no intentions of trying to work things out with her. Don’t call her when you need someone to talk to. Don’t show up at her house when you’re hurting. Don’t send her pictures of things that remind you of her. Don’t reach out when you’re feeling lonely.

You don’t get to do that to her. You don’t get to come into her life again when she’s trying to heal and reopen the wounds, the wounds that you left her with. You don’t get to say the things you used to because you lost that privilege when you let her go.

If you’re letting her go, you’re letting all of her go.

You can’t waltz back into her life when she finds someone new because I promise you, she will find a new you. She will find someone who looks at her like she’s the sun that lights up his world. She will find someone who gets to wake up next to her side every morning, just like you used to do. She will find someone new to walk down the street with holding hands. She will find someone new to spend the holidays with. She will find someone new to love and make a life with.

She will find a new you, a better you. She will find someone who doesn’t leave.

So, before you fix your mind on leaving her, don’t leave her if you can’t stand to see her on the arm of someone new. Don’t leave her if you can’t stand the thought of her waking up with someone else by her side. Don’t leave her if you can’t bare hearing the talk of how happy she looks now that she’s over you.

Once you let her go you don’t get to come back into her life and tear at her already broken heartstrings anymore. When you choose to leave her, you’ve done your damage and you don’t get to be part of her life anymore. You don’t get to stop and check in on her life when you want. You don’t get to see how she’s doing. You don’t get her anymore, you left and that means you left all of her.

So, don’t leave her if you can’t let her go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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