All I Want Is A Reason To Stay


All I want is a place I can call home with you. A place where I can unpack my suitcase and not have it lingering in the corner of the place I’ve decided to call my temporary home. I want a reason to not pack it back up and hop on the next flight to anywhere but here. I want to quit leaving friendships behind because I’m still out looking for something, even when I’m not sure what that something is.

But at this point I’m convinced that something is you.

When every ounce of my body is telling me to pack up and leave again, I want you to ask me to stay.

I want you to need me here so that I don’t have to keep living life on the run.

I stumble around from town to town wondering who is near. I try to find love in hopeless places, but those places never give me what I need.

I want someone to look at me and tell me they can’t let me go. I want someone to look at me and ask me to stay because they couldn’t imagine living without me anymore and I want to stay because I feel the same way.

All I really want is a reason to stay.

I don’t want my travels to be over, but I want my solo travel days to be over. I want to explore the world with you by my side. I want to do every cliché in the book and take a picture kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower, I want to take a bunch of those pictures that make me cringe of the girl leading her boyfriend on some wild adventure through some place beautiful.

I want to sit on a resort and drink margaritas all day by your side. I want to hike Kilimanjaro with you and drive down Great Ocean Road hand in hand absorbing the view. I want to sky dive in New Zealand and go skiing in Canada while staying in a cozy cabin in the woods. I want to gamble in Vegas and volunteer in Thailand at different animal sanctuaries to help make a difference. I want to go snorkeling in clear blue waters and go kayaking in rivers.

I don’t want my life of traveling to be over, but all I really want is a reason to stay in one place with someone I love so we can start our own adventures together.

I want to find the place I’ll call home and not just for a few weeks or months, but for good. Or until we find some place we like better.

I want to stop living out of a suitcase and start waking up by your side, every single morning. I want to fall in love while I’m out trying to make my own memories in the world. I want to fill this void in my chest that tells me I have to keep moving on because I still feel alone in the place I’m at.

All I really want is for you to ask me to stay, to unpack my bags and give you a chance because I would do that for you, every single time, all I need you to do is ask. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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