18 Men On The One Thing That Instantly Turns Them Off About A Woman (And Why)


1. “A foul mouth is so unattractive to me, it’s just one of those things that make you almost cringe to hear coming out of a woman’s mouth.” – Derek, 25

2. “Definitely a chick who thinks she knows it all. She’s generally full of shit and it’s annoying to be around.” – Cody, 26

3. “Someone who smokes. Smoking is a nasty habit, not to mention it’s unhealthy and gross. I don’t want to make out with someone who tastes like an ash tray.” – Sam, 30

4. “A girl who doesn’t have an open mind. Someone who is just so set in her ways that she won’t listen to the other side, it’s like talking to a wall because she either doesn’t care or won’t admit that she’s wrong. I can’t stand it.” – Paul, 23

5. “I don’t like girls who are constantly on their phones, especially when they’re with a group of people or on a date with me. Are we really that boring you have to burry you nose in social media instead of interacting with the people around you?” – Lucas, 21

6. “A girl who drinks excessively is not for me. I get going out and having fun, but someone who blacks out and pukes is not someone I have any interest in dating.” – Mark, 24

7. “Girls who can’t make up their mind. I get that sometimes you are battling back and forth between two things, but every single time you leave the decision up to me is kind of a turn off. Have some opinions and make up your own mind, don’t let everyone constantly decide for you.” – Cameron, 27

8. “A girl who talks like she’s super ditzy and unintelligent makes me immediately turned off. I can stand having a conversation with someone like that.” – Brian, 26

9. “Definitely smoking. I could see a hot chick but as soon as she starts smoking I’m turned off. It’s just such a nasty habit and I don’t like smelling like it, or being near a girl who just chiefs down cigs.” – Eric, 33

10. “A girl who is really insecure turns me off. I know it might not be her fault, but it’s really hard to be around someone who is constantly putting themselves down or other people to feel better about themselves. Have some confidence in yourself!” – Adam, 27

11. “A liar. I am instantly turned off by someone who constantly lies, like come on being honest isn’t that hard and it’s essential in a relationship.” – Jack, 31

12. “I’d say someone who is all about receiving and never giving. I don’t mind paying for dinner if I’m taking her out on a date, but it would be nice if she’d at least offer and after consistently paying for everything it becomes clear she’s definitely using you to get free things.” – Andy, 25

13. “I can’t stand girls who are obsessed with social media. You don’t have to take a picture of your meal, especially when we’re out on a date, I don’t know why you would even think that’s a good idea? I can’t deal with the women who are just obsessed with the social media world and having the picture perfect life, they’re not for me.” – Shane, 28

14. “Helpless women turn me off. I like doing things for women, I’m sure it makes every guy feel good to be needed every once in a while, but no one wants someone who’s helpless and needs him to do EVERYTHING for her. Be a little self-sufficient please.” – Doug, 34

15. “Pretending to be something you’re not. Whether it’s clumsy or acting dumb or pretending to be into something I’m into when you’re clearly not. Just be you and be real, don’t try to change who you are to impress me because I can guarantee it isn’t working.” – Mikey, 22

16. “A self-obsessed woman. I have no interest in someone who  would metaphorically rather make out with themselves than actually make out with me.” – Steve, 23

17. “A woman who needs to be the center of attention. She has to have the focus on her or else she isn’t having a good time. A woman like that just seems like she’d constantly need, need, need in a relationship and I couldn’t handle that.” – Parker, 24

18. “I can’t stand females who are always talking shit and judging other females. It’s annoying and it shows a lot about her character.” – Frank, 20 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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