18 Men On The One Non-Sexual Thing That Drives Them Crazy (In A Good Way)

Emily & Steve Photography
Emily & Steve Photography

1. “A woman who can take a joke and give one right back. She’s witty and really clever with jokes, someone who has a good sense of humor.” – Ross, 24

2. “The way a girl looks when she turns her head to look over her shoulder. I don’t know why but it’s just something so innocently cute to see her look and admire something so genuinely.” – Paul, 30

3. “When a shorter girl tries to reach something and she’s standing on her tip toes, but still can’t get it. Then she has to ask for help, it’s the perfect combination of cute and funny.” – Ricky, 26

4. “When you compliment her and she just says thank you, like she already knew, but wasn’t being cocky about it. It just shows she’s confident and not fishing for more compliments.” –Davey, 23

5. “When a girl takes her hair down and lets it fall and runs her fingers through it.” – Brad, 28

6. “When she’s walking and her shirt rides up just enough to see a bit of her skin on her stomach, that’s what drives me wild.” – Mark, 29

7. “When you’re talking to a female and she just starts getting so excited she can’t stop talking because she’s so passionate about the topic. I love it and it makes me want to get excited.” – Steven, 31

8. “It’s so hot when a woman has dirt on her from being outside or working outside.” – Hunter, 25

9. “When she laughs and touches my elbow or arm, that’s so sexy.” – Jason, 23

10. “Watching a girl tie her hair up, I’m honestly not sure why but I love watching them do it.” – Ron, 21

11. “Watching a woman bite her bottom lip or lick her lips always gets me.” – Matt, 27

12. “Confidence in herself and also being able to laugh at herself. Knowing that she is comfortable in her own skin is such a turn on.” – Lucas, 33

13. “I love a girl who knows how to drive a manual car.” – Chris, 22

14. “Watching a girl read. It’s so innocent and I love watching her eyes dart back and forth down the pages.” – Dan, 25

15. “A woman with thick, dark glasses on her face that can actually pull them off. I think I’ve fallen into the ‘nerd trend’ but I’m so into it.” – Brent, 21

16. “A girl working out at the gym. It shows me she cares about her fitness and her body.” – James, 31

17. “Watching a girl sing in the car because she has no idea how adorable she looks.” – Tim, 26

18. “Looking at a girl who’s scratching her back. It just kind of shows off her body in a natural way.” – Shane, 23 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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