Why It’s Better To Crush Than To Actually Fall In Love


I like crushes, crushes make me feel happy and excited, they make me feel almost like I’m falling in love without any strings or emotional attachment. It’s painless, yet beautiful at the same time. It makes me giddy and pulls at my heartstrings, but there is no loss. There is no loss; there is only gain, it’s innocent and childlike.

Having crushes in your twenties is so easy and blissful, they’re not serious and that’s such a great feeling.

You don’t have to worry about heartbreak, you don’t have to worry about getting hurt, you simply just crush. And the best part of crushes is you can have them on anyone, someone you casually see or maybe someone you’ll probably never see again.

I’m not the girl who falls in love, not yet anyway. Maybe it’s because I have yet to find the right person who matches my weirdness and dreams or simply because I haven’t got to that stage yet. But regardless, I have yet to find someone who I could imagine spending part of my life with, or maybe even the rest of my life with. I haven’t found that person who makes me want to be better and make it better to be with them than to be single.

I fall way too easily and crush way too hard, but that’s always as far as I get because I’m not one who can do the real, emotional attachment. It’s not something I’m ready for yet. I love the idea of being in love, I love the happy couples that you pass on the street or the couple who posts adorable pictures on Instagram that makes your heart throb. I love seeing couples hug each other tight before they go their separate ways and I love a happy ending in a movie. I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic, just not for myself. I love it all, but not for me, not yet.

Right now I keep my distance and consume people from afar. It’s better that way. I don’t shut out the idea of love because I know it’s beautiful, but I haven’t found anyone yet who could be that person for me yet. For now, I’ll just stay single and crush because that’s what I’m good at.

Crushes allow you to be your full, normal self because you’re not trying to put on an act to get them to like you because honestly, you don’t want them to like you.

That defeats the purpose of a crush, once feelings are involved the fun is over. You don’t have to try to dress up and look your absolute best because you can just be you in front of them, and that’s huge.

Crushes are created from passion and desire, from simply wanting another person. Crushes consume your mind and fill your head with questions about the other person that you’ll never actually ask. Crushes are harmless, but so very fun and tempting.

You don’t have to discuss feelings or build an emotional attachment; they’re someone you just like being around. You don’t need the seriousness you’d want out of a relationship and you think who they are around their friends is hilarious. Being around them puts you in an all around good mood because no matter what they say you usually can’t help but giggle because your infatuation is so great with them.

Love is great, but crushes are invigorating for everyone who hasn’t had the urge to settle down yet and become serious yet. You never have to tell your crush what you’re feeling because that would just make things weird, so you stick to telling no one except your best friends. It becomes a fun little secret that you love to keep.

Crushes keep your imagination alive, they keep you feeling young and free. They make you giddy and happy, they are everything a single girl could want.

Crushes are good for the soul and take your mind off the single life, without risking the potential to get hurt.

While I love the thought of being in love, it’s just not for me yet; so for now it’s crushes on crushes and I’m totally fine with. You’re never too old for a crush because crushes never go out of style. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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