This Is What It’s Like To Love A Girl Who Doesn’t Know Who She Is Quite Yet

Chloé Coislier
Chloé Coislier

She’ll question you. A lot.

She has an endless amount of wonder in her mind and she needs patience and support more than anything.

She might be hesitant at first because she doesn’t know what she’s feeling. She will sometimes wonder why you like her and want to be around her because she still questions herself.

She will often wonder why you chose her. She will wonder what is about her that makes her so great to you. She will wonder what drew you in. She doesn’t wonder in a bad way, but in a curious kind of way because she is still learning herself.

She’ll want you explore a lot of life with you because she wants to see more of what’s out there. She won’t turn down an adventure because she wants more experiences to figure out who she really is and what she really loves.

She doesn’t have low self-esteem necessarily, nothing devastating happened to her to make her this way; she just doesn’t know where she belongs yet. She knows how vast the world is, yet doesn’t understand how we only get to experience such a small part of it. So she wonders, a lot.

She doesn’t know how to pick what interests her most, because she has a lot of interests. She doesn’t have a narrow view of life; she sees the whole grand scheme of things, or at least tries to.

She doesn’t quite know who she is yet because there are so many layers to her depth.

She has a list of interests and passions; she has so many things she wants to accomplish, but not enough time.

She’ll change her mind a lot, with simple or complicated topics. She will change her outfit 10 times before leaving the house because she isn’t sure what looks best, but she is also unsure of what every one else will be wearing.

She will want to take a plunge into a big life decision, but question a hundred times if she’s doing the right thing. She doesn’t just dive in and hope for the best, she tests the waters, she imagines everything that could go wrong before she thinks of everything that could go right.

Her uncertainty comes from the urge to succeed and not wanting to fail. She holds herself to high standards because she doesn’t want to make the wrong decision.

There are times things will get tough, just like with everything in life. She will wonder why you’re still around while she’s trying to figure herself out, she will question everything and if you really love her. She will get angry and confused,

but she will always love you, as long as you stay.

Loving a girl who is still trying to figure herself out will be frustrating from time to time. You won’t understand her decisions, you won’t be able to wrap your mind around why she’s changed her mind five times before reverting back to the first option. She will be stubborn, confusing and impractical, but give her time and she will love you all the right ways.

A girl who doesn’t know who she is quite yet still has a lot of searching to do in the world, but if you’re lucky enough to love an uncertain girl who has you by her side, don’t ever questions if she loves you too.

She has lots of love to give in her heart and lots of foot prints to leave around the world. Loving the girl who seems uncertain of herself might seem like difficult, but trust her heart and know her intentions are pure. Loving a girl who isn’t quite sure of herself could be the best thing to do because she will guide you through her self-seeking adventures with her, and you might just find out a little about yourself, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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