All I Want Is A Real, Raw And Imperfect Everyday Kind Of Love Story


I don’t want a fairytale love. I don’t want a pathway constructed of petals and candles leading me to a prince on a bed. I don’t want a knight in shinning armor. I don’t want someone to swoop in and save me. I don’t want a fictionally, rare love story.

I want an everyday love story with someone who likes getting just as drunk as I do.

I want a love story where we come home from the bar and stuff our faces with pizza.

When I’m hungover and rolling around in bed complaining about my headache all I want is my boyfriend to be a little less hungover so he can get me pain reliever and a bagel.

I want someone who tells me I’m annoying when I’m complaining, because I know I can be. I want someone who messes around with me for a little bit, only to make their point then leaves me alone to suffer the rest of the day.

I want a real love, a flawed love and an imperfect love.

I want someone who isn’t afraid to embarrass me on the dance floor and sing his heart out on the car ride home. I want someone who isn’t into slow dancing at concerts, but into having a good time with our whole group of friends, just like I do. I want someone who grabs my hand and tells me were going to do something, even if I fight that I don’t want to, because he knows once I do it the first time I’ll be hooked.

I want someone who I can sit at the other end of the table with our friends and have normal conversation, laughing at everything while still having inside jokes. I want to make faces at each other and tell embarrassing stories about shit no one wants revealed, but we still find it hilarious.

I don’t want a proper, sophisticated, well-mannered boyfriend because I am sure as hell not a proper, sophisticated, well-mannered girl.

I’ll put on my best poker face for it, but only when I have to.

I want someone who is weird with me, someone who not only accepts my quirks, but embraces them because he has his own. I want someone who is compatible to my weirdness and humor. I want someone who laughs at dirty, inappropriate jokes because as fucked up as they are they are still undeniably hard not to laugh at.

I don’t need good morning texts or breakfast in bed. I’d rather crawl out of bed with him in the morning and decide we should just go to McDonald’s drive thru breakfast because we’re lazy and don’t feel like cooking.

I don’t need someone to surprise me with front row seats to an NFL game, I just want to go with them and get rowdy with our friend group in the parking lot before hand with lots of snacks and booze. I want to cheer together and high five each other after a touchdown.

I don’t need the romantic shit, because frankly I’m not a romantic person.

I don’t want someone who is going to read my poetry and write me love songs. I don’t need someone who wants to lift me off my feet and carry me away to a castle.

I don’t need fairytales and I don’t need fancy. I want the good, the bad and the ugly because that’s life and sooner or later you’re going to fight. You have to fight because fighting is healthy. I don’t want to change him, but I want to yell at him if he needs to stop doing something that is upsetting me, just like he better do the same to me.

I want someone who can laugh at me and my jokes, someone who can push me and make me think, and someone who tells me I’m being stupid when I’m trying to do too much.

I don’t want someone who is perfect and I definitely don’t want to pretend I’m perfect to get someone. I want someone who I know isn’t perfect, but is perfect for me in our own little fucked up ways. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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