15 People Spill Their Most Mortifying Sex Stories


1. “I was at a party and a guy I was dancing with wanted to hookup. We went upstairs to a bedroom and as things were starting to get hot and heavy my two friends walked in on us. Them walking in turned out to be a blessing because we soon found out that the kid whose room it was left his webcam on and we were about to be caught on camera.” – Tabitha, 21

2. “I was on a family vacation on a cruise ship. It was the last night on the ship and I had been hitting it off really well with this guy on the ship. We figured since it was the last night and we’d ever see each other to hook up. Well instead of hooking up in a room or a normal place, we did it on the very front of the ship in the pitch-black night. It was fun, until three people walked out and saw us.” – Samantha, 22

3. “Coming home drunk from the bar I had sex with my friend on his couch. My knee was throbbing after a little while because it was going through the cushions, but I was drunk so I didn’t care. When I woke up in the morning and went out to the living room there was blood everywhere. I looked at my knee and I had gashed it open on the pull out bed underneath the couch. I just flipped all the couch cushions over and left.” – Chelsea, 23

4. “I had sex with a random girl, the sex was fine, but after we finished she asked me to drop her off at her fuck buddy’s house…” – Jason, 22

5. “I was home visiting from college so I called up one of my old flings to hook up. I thought my period had ended, but I was so wrong. He stuck it in and there was blood everywhere. It was pretty embarrassing, especially because I called him to come over and hook up.” – Aimee, 25

6. “I was hooking up with someone for the first time and he had a huge dick. I tried to give him head, but he pushed my head down further and it triggered my gag reflex. I threw up all over his lap. It’s really funny now, but it was so terribly embarrassing at the time.” – Jaime, 28

7. “We were doing anal and I had this overwhelming feeling that I pooped. We had to stop so I could sprint to the bathroom. It was a false alarm, but still. I literally asked him to stop so I could see if I just shit myself.” – Daniella, 27

8. “In college I was having sex with this guy and I didn’t know his friend was passed out drunk underneath his bed until he got up in the middle of it to make a hot pocket. It was more hilarious than mortifying, but it still makes for a good story.” – Sofia, 23

9. “The most mortifying thing to ever happen to me was in high school. I took my mom’s car to pick up this guy I had been seeing. We went to a dirt road and pulled off the trail to hook up. About halfway through we heard music coming from down the trail so we stopped. We looked down the hill we were barely hidden on and saw that it was my ex boyfriend driving by. We just laid there awkwardly and panicked, but he never saw us. Thank God.” – Justine, 23

10. “Easily my parents walking in on us mid bang. We didn’t speak to each other for an entire two weeks after that. Way too awkward. Having sex in your own home is much better.” – Brett, 27

11. “I got drunk and had sex in my car outside my friend’s house. A group of people from inside came out and started jumping on my car while we were banging in the backseat. It was embarrassing to say the least.” – Jessica, 23

12. “I snuck a boy in my room when I lived with my parents in the middle of the night. We were in the middle of sex and we heard my doorknob turn. He darted into my closet butt ass naked and I pretended to sleep. I threw him his clothes in the closet and opened the window. He jumped out of it so fast and ran for his life.” – Blair, 25

13. “I had sex in a dressing room and got arrested for it because I got caught. Don’t fuck in dressing rooms. It didn’t turn out at all like I hoped.” – Josh, 27

14. “I live in apartment with really thin walls and a girl I was hooking up with was loud, I mean really loud. She was yelling and screaming; I told her she had to keep it down because I had neighbors and sure enough those neighbors called the cops because they just heard repeated screaming from my apartment. The cops came and I had to explain over and over we were just having sex. They questioned me like I was hurting her. It was super awkward for the both of us.” – Dan, 30

15. “I was blowing my boyfriend and I really don’t know how this happened, but when he came his semen came straight out of my nose. I think I gagged at the same time and it hurt like hell and was painfully embarrassing at the same time.” – Caillin, 20 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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