10 Things People Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because You’re An Ambivert


Ambiverts are part of the lost personality type or the happy medium; they lie in the middle of the extroverts and introverts spectrum. If you’ve never felt like you fit in to either category completely, you’re not alone. Many people don’t feel they fit in either category because everyone contains depths and multitudes that shape them to who they are.

I feel I am more extroverted than introverted, but I also believe that everyone contains pieces of both personality types, one is just more prevalent than the other. Containing qualities of both dominant types would make you an ambivert.


1. You’re always seeking some sense of balance.

Ambiverts crave social settings like an extrovert; they thrive off of meaningful conversation and the company of others. They just maybe aren’t considered ‘the one in every crowd’ that is loud and always craving the center of attention. They flourish in their level of comfort at social events. They also crave time to themselves, but don’t need it as much as the typical introvert. They recharge in both aspects and need both aspects to be the best version of themselves.

2. You enjoy something — until you don’t anymore.

This comes with balance, swaying in one direction can cause you to fall off balance and in turn lose interest in something quickly. Once you have had too much of something, you need a break from it for a little while.

3. You are flexible.

Since ambiverts are in the middle of the spectrum they would be happy with going out on the weekend or staying in. This makes their weekends, much like their lives, unpredictable. They go with what they’re feeling at the given time.

4. You kind of have the best of both worlds.

You get to experience a little bit of everything. You can tap into the strengths from both ends of the spectrum to be the best version of yourself at all times.

5. You’re often influenced by your surrounding environment.

Ambiverts are influenced by what is going on around them because that’s where they draw their energy from. If they are at a concert where everyone is having a great time you can bet they’re going to happy and living in the moment. But if they’re in a bookstore with friends they will be perfectly happy cozying up on a couch checking out a new book.

6. You encapsulate a close to perfect balance of give and take.

You like to be happy and to make others happy. This comes with balance. It’s a quality you posses because you can’t be greedy for either (and you don’t want to be.)

7. You live life in a gray area.

Ambiverts can switch between leaning more towards the extrovert personality or introvert personality as frequently or infrequently as they feel like it. There might be weeks where they just want to be alone hiding in their rooms before they spend the next few days without any alone time. They are unpredictable and base everything off how they’re feeling internally when it comes to plans.

8. You resent set-in-stone routines.

While they like routine, ambiverts also hate it occasionally. Sometimes they are happy with their job and their everyday routine, where other times they find themselves wanting to drop everything and go do something new and spontaneous. They like mixing up their routine and it’s something they need.

9. You insist on knowing all of the options ahead of time when it comes to making plans.

You like to know what everyone is doing in advance and know your options. It makes it easier to decide if you feel like going out or staying in.

10. You are not a fan of displaying emotions in public.

Ambiverts like being acknowledged in public, but they hate being embarrassed. You have to find the happy medium between keeping quiet and being overly affectionate and loud. Giving them too much attention makes them feel uncomfortable and awkward, while giving them no attention at all makes them feel like you’re ignoring them or don’t want them around. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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